A blizzard is coming!?

I tend to check the weather now and then more for the expected temperature than for anything.

I checked it on Thursday and recall seeing maybe snow here or there the next few days.

I checked the weather this morning (both NOAA and Weatherchannel) and both say blizzard!

Well, the good thing is that it’ll mean a longer weekend, the bad thing is that… it’ll mean a longer weekend and I have deadlines, damn it!

Other New England dopers: what do you expect from the storm? I say 6 inches by noon tomorrow and tons of news hysteria.

Screw that, I’m sick of my negative predictions!

I predict 60" of new snow and wind around 65 mph.

Hey sparky! I’m in central Mass and they’re predicting 18plus inches for my area. We are at a relatively high elevation (relative to other MA towns, not particularly high otherwise) and we tend to get the higher amounts anyway. Could be close to 2feet. Stuck in the house with the post Christmas kids and probably no power…oh why oh why oh why…

But it’s New England and it’s not like it’s a surprise that we’re getting snow and as much as I complain, there’s a certain rush that comes with these forecasts… it’s fun watching everyone panic like we live in FLA and they’ve never seen snow, elbowing each other for the last loaf of bread, tackling the woman with the last gallon of milk. That’s right, I’m putting my pads on and heading to the store with the rest of them. Might take a hockey stick with me this time.

Let it snow!

They’re predicting 6-12" here in Philly, though it hasn’t started yet.

Since I was sick yesterday and the day before, I was kind of looking forward to leaving my house today, but since I’ve got bread and milk (and toilet paper), staying home seems like the better part of valor.

here in philly they are saying 10-15 inches. happy boxing day!

the snow is slated to start at noon, and be at peak snow at 8pm in time for the pigeons (eagles) and vikings to play. the nfl is in charge of the game and it is very rare for them to put a game on hold. it should be a wild game!

hey twickster, no game tickets??

Boston metro area here. I expect a foot or so, lots of wind. I’m making sure all my devices are fully charged so I don’t have to go a whole day without computer games.

I just saw someone interviewed on channel 7 who had been waiting outside Stop & Shop for it to open so he could buy water and something else. He expressed confusion about why it was closed at 6:30am. Because yesterday was Christmas and they haven’t re-opened yet, ya moron! I assume they’ve reopened by now (it’s 9:30) and that poor soul was able to get the supplies he needs to get through this end-of-the-world event.:rolleyes:


I love how snow shovels and batteries fly off the shelves. I’m pretty sure that life as they know it will be right back to normal within 24 hours.

Still no snow yet. I think I’ll up my prediction to 102".

We’re in Philadelphia visiting family; supposed to start driving back to Indiana tomorrow. I expect that we will be setting out a little later than normal (have to dig the car out of its parking space first I suspect). Hopefully most of the roads will be cleared by then…

hey runestar, the major roads, i95, 76, the expressways should be cleared, the major city streets will be good. it is the small neighbourhood streets that get locked it.

west of the city should be good tomorrow, the major roads of the city should be good by noon tomorrow. sleep in, get some coffee at wawa, and watch the natives look like they think they live in southern california. they crack me up in philly.

What I want to know is - who lives here and doesn’t already own a snow shovel?!

Running out to buy salt I can see - salt is consumable. You can’t use up a snow shovel, though. Sure, they break, but 40,000 people’s snow shovels broke last week? I’m not buying it.

I’m in MS/AL (I split my time). We got about half and inch to one inch last night.

I can’t leave my house because the cops have the roads in and out of my neighborhood shut down.

The upside is, though, that it will be approximately 128 degrees and 152% humidity in a short four months or so…

Hey** Shelli **can you believe it’s snowing down in Jackson this morning?!

Mississippi? Alabama? Um, what are you guys doing to get snow that far south?

nfl postponed the game in philly 'til tues.! amazing, i don’t remember the nfl ever postponing for weather.

I came home early today because they said 100% chance of snow by 10AM. So far at 1:30 - nothing. I shoulda been a weatherman.

It’s 3:30 and still no snow. I think I’ll go with 99 inches.

Snowing here now.

Our rain dances backfired. :slight_smile:

We got flurries this morning: nowhere near enough to stick or cause any problems, darnitall.

Lots of storms around us here in northern Indiana but they haven’t hit us yet. Iowa, Minnesota last week, now PA and the northeast this week. Can’t say that I’m unhappy…:slight_smile:

It just started here a bit before 5pm in North Central MA. It’s cold enough that it’s a light, fluffy snow, which is a lot less dangerous and easier to deal with than the heavy wet stuff they’re supposed to get towards Cape Cod.