FEMA advertisement

In the " Al Zaqawi gets his 72 virgins!" thread, FEMA had an ad for “Arkansas Hurricanes”.
We don’t have hurricanes, we have tornadoes.

Nebraska Hurricanes
Don’t Be a Victim of the Next Big Storm.


Now, in my own thread, it’s “Topical Storm Damage. Your Arkansas home is at risk!”


Topical Storm Damage: ointment for the Real Man!

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[sic, sic, sic, man.]

Southern Arkansas can get some heavy rain and winds, sometimes causing flood or wind damage, from hurricanes that hit the coasts of Texas and Louisiana. Fayetteville? No so much. But in Fouke, Texarkana or Magnolia, it can happen.

Nebraska Residents
Protect your home from tidal waves!

We call them “thunderstorms”.

Oh, that’s just the remnants of a Trent Lott speech. But he always blows over… :smiley:

S’what we in NE Texas thought too. Thanks, Rita!