Female Dopers: Ever heard of Stumptuous?

It’s a great website:


I come back to it every now and then, but I thought I’d share it. It’s a great site for learning about exercise and learning to love yourself. Largely promotes getting women into weight lifting and eating a certain way, but I swear the rants themselves are worth it. They helped me through some rougher times and fights with body image.

One line in particular I try to keep in my head, from another reader of the site:
“I can make up any story I want about it, but stories are bullshit: I can be a warrior, or I can be a victim. For the warrior, no excuses; for the victim, only excuses.”

I feel like it fits in a lot of situations in life.

Love Krista! She was my coach when I did the Lean Eating program through Precision Nutrition. I like to read her food mag, Spezzatino, too.

OK, that sounded like an ad, but she really does kick ass. :slight_smile:

I’ve read her stuff more than a few times; it was particularly inspirational at one point when I was trying to get back in shape after not taking good care of myself. I do like it as a starting point for folks that are afraid of the idea of lifting heavy weight or doing a strength training program; it’s especially aimed toward women who fear “getting huge” from lifting weights.

Something similar essay-wise is a book called “Healthy At Any Size”. I’ve borrowed it from a friend recently; the author talks about many of the pitfalls of how women (and humans in general) trap themselves into unrealistic ideas about their bodies and lives. Things like “When I lose [insert weight here] pounds, I’ll go [do or acquire something awesome]” when those things are doable or obtainable at their current weight. It goes beyond that, though, and tackles a lot of the disordered thinking that many folks have about their bodies and whether it’s a moral judgment on their lives.