Female Dopesters: The Joy That is ROOM SERVICE

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Yes, my sisters, I speak of ROOM SERVICE!

Men will never understand. They do not see the thousand little things we do every day that makes room service heaven.

I SAY: THERE IS ROOM SERVICE IN HEAVEN!!! There must be, or why would women go?

We are not spoiled, we are queens! That is what makes room service bring a tear to our eyes and a smile to our lips.

With room service, our every whim is seen to. You order food, lo; it is brought. At a time that YOU specify.And it is not some slimy burger with wilted lettuce and a side order of artery cloggers. NO! It is food. Osso Buco. Chicken Ceasar Salads. Incredible deserts. All made by someone other than you, without whiny voices in the background: “When’s dinner?” You can even order it when you are in the tub. THE TUB!! No one tapping at the door… “Mom?..Mom?..Mom?..Mom? (ad nauseum).” And it is CLEAN! Even better, cleaned by someone else!! And then, after your bath, wrapped in a wonderful robe that will be washed by someone who is not you, you walk into…a clean room. No shoes in the middle of the floor to be tripped over. No husband’s shirt draped over a chair and left there. No wet towels on the bathroom floor (except by you). And each morning, after you leave the room to SHOP, … SOMEONE ELSE CLEANS IT!!

I go now, my sisters, with the most wonderful man I ever married, who is now standing behind my left shoulder reading every word and smiling with that crinkly forehead look that means he thinks I’m crazy but he loves me anyway, to the wonder that is…ROOM SERVICE. Because apparently there is a place called Vegas, where I have never,ever been, and a hotel called the Bellagio, which has the city’s best poker room. Not that I care. Did you know that you can even order clothes through room service?
Gotta pack…

Oooooh, I’ve heard about the food at the Bellagio, many different restaurants. It’s supposed to be fantastic. I am jealous!

The room service which brings my fondest memory was …

hot dogs.


After a long day traveling with 3 children 8 yrs old and under, and another long afternoon with said children while Hubby was in the Big Meeting, I collapsed with a girlfriend and an ice chest of beer. When the kids got hungry - voila! Room service. Three cute trays appeared, each with a hot dog cozily nested in a small basket full of potato chips. The children loved the novelty of it, I didn’t have to move from the balcony, and … Hubby’s company paid for it all !

Huzzah ! Three cheers for Room Service. :smiley:

I’m usually too cheap to spring for room service, but one time my husband went to Toronto on business and took me with. We were in a fairly swanky hotel and he told me to go ahead and order a drink if I wanted. I had a martini sent up and it seemed so decadant! It’s own little tray and everything. Wow. That’s the life! Someday when I’m rich it’ll be allllll about room service.

Ah the sweet sweet elixer that is room service… Husbands don’t understand the allure. We recently went on a cruise and I had room service every.single.morning. Absolute Heaven!

Hubby: It’s free food - we just have to walk upstairs to the buffet.
Hubby: But room service is free - they probably just dish it up off the buffet and bring it to you.

They’ll never understand.

sigh…just got back, and have not smiled this big since… hm. can’t remember.

I want to live at the Bellagio. Forever. No kidding. Hubby had to use a crowbar to get me out of the spa. Body wrap, facial, pedicure…heaven.

And the FOOD!! OMG, the FOOD…near orgasmic. I probably spent too much. My mother in law took one look at my face and asked Mr. Maureen if his winnings covered the bill…

I have stayed in jobs a full six months longer than was reasonable just to keep up those expense reports for room service. God, you are so right about room service.

Darn. I was already feeling bad about coming home again, and now this.

Hey, I’m a guy, and I’ve appreciated room service a lot in the past. It was when I was returning from a trip home to Hawaii to school in Florida. I arrived in Atlanta too late for a flight to Tallahassee, so I stayed in a hotel. I’d been flying all day, and hadn’t had lunch, so I wasn’t enthusiastic about going to the downstairs restaurant, so I decided to be wacky and splurge for some room service. I got steak and sides from the restaurant, which was apparently very good. It was GOOD. And I mean GOOD! So I sat back and ate every bite while watching The Profiler on TV.

One of my favorite meals. :slight_smile:

Ok…please tell me I’m not the only one that has called room service just so they’d bring me a 6-er from the bar so I didn’t have to go down and get it…?


I recently made reservations at a hotel in Paris. First I checked to see if they had room service. Then I checked to see if the room had a bathroom. :slight_smile:

It’s about priorities…

Housekeeping, the best part about hotels. I can be my untidy self and return from a day of shopping and sightseeing to a spotless room! Mom taught me to always leave a tip for the maids… having done my share of housework, I totally agree.

Having never been on a trip where I paid the hotel bill, I have never experienced the joys of room service. I fully intend to someday, though. Preferably somewhere with a reputation for really good food.