Are you deaf or a crook, room service order taker?

Last night, in a state of hunger and exhuastion, I broke down and ordered room service. I ordered cheeseburger and a Diet Coke.

“Cheeseburger and a Diet Coke. Will there be anyting else?”

“No thank you.”

The order comes, and I sign the bill. After the guy leaves, I notice a big stinking glass of WARM TOMATO JUICE on my tray. Of course the order took forever, and the burger and fries were stone cold and the ice for the Diet Coke had melted completely and the whole thing was disgusting and I would have sent THE WHOLE MESS back if I hadn’t been starving, but WARM TOMATO JUICE!?!

Either this dimbulb “At Your Service” clerk is deaf and when someone say’s “No thank you” what they hear is “Y’Know what would go down good with a cheeseburger and a Diet Coke would be a huge class of WARM TOMATO JUICE”, or they are padding my room service bill in a sadistic manner, I mean they could have sent up a piece of pie and I might have even eaten it and not complained, but WARM TOMATO JUICE!?! Why don’t you just send me a big ol’ glass of snot you asshole?

This is at a hotel where the rooms go for $179 a night! Never again, Marriot.

If you didn’t order tomato juice, warmed or otherwise, then you should have dialed room service and asked to have it removed from your bill. Simple as pie.

It’s tough finding decent room service these days. The big chain resorts never really seem to manage it, in my experience.

My best experiences room-service wise have been at non-chain upscale hotels and resorts that are generally owned by the manager, or ones that have the owner’s active attention and involvement.

I plan to. It is just such a bizarre mistake, and yet another bother, as well as the fact that the food was horrible.

If I was taking an order and someone ordered a cheeseburger and Diet Coke, then when prompted said “Tomato Juice” I would ask “Did you say Tomato Juice?” because it is so friggin bizarre. Almost no-one drinks it. Those who do, drink it for breakfast. WTF would somebody be ordering it with a burger and Coke for? I guess people order some bizzare stuff, but really.

Order screwed up in the most bizzare way possible + bad food.

Quagdop- I usually find the food is decent from RS, hot at least. And for the margins they are making on it, you would think they would want the food to be good so you would order more of it, not save room service only for those desperate occasions when you just can’t drag it out.

I stayed at a Hyatt earlier this year and had a great room service experience, very fast service and delicious food. (Greek appetizer plate, mmmm. It was worth the garlic burps that lasted into the following day.) Plus (since I didn’t hold the door nearly closed during the process, indicating I didn’t want him to come in), the gentleman who delivered it even asked me where in the room I would like the food, and uncovered the plate to let me approve that it was what I’d ordered.

As to the OP - if you didn’t call to ask why the hell you had warm tomato juice and would someone please come retrieve it and take it off your bill, I really do have to ask why. I can understand why you’d want to eat your cold food due to hunger, but willingly taking on an unwanted charge is a bit much.

Whoops. That’s what I get for waiting too long to hit “Submit,” without previewing.

Geez, talk about much ado about nothing. Maybe someone else ordered tomato juice and it just got stuck on the wrong tray. Calling to make sure they don’t charge you for it is “a bother”? More so than posting a thread about it?

Just call and make sure you weren’t charged for it. For that matter, didn’t it come with a bill? You could look and see if it’s on that. As long as you don’t end up paying for it, I fail to see the need for a Pit thread. I mean, you had a poor room service meal. What were you expecting? Better warn you now - that stuff in the minibar? It just might turn out to be more expensive than you think. :eek:

Now that I think about it, from the total I WAS charged. Burger, $10, Coke $3, Service charge, $3 should yield a total of $17, it came out to over $20, so yah I was charged. If I hadn’t been tired I would have seen the TJ, would have read the bill.

Plus the nitwit is distracting me from biz by commenting on my computer (another reason I hate to order room service. WITHOUT fail, they fawn over my computer, like they have never seen a business traveller with a laptop. Shesh, wtf? is this some ploy to get me to leave a tip beyond the included gratuity? “Gee Mr. Rich Businessman, I could never have as nice a computer as your two year old Sony, but maybe, just maybe if I compliment you on yours wistfully you will rip yourself off and tip me even more than the 18% already included on the bill”. Just shut up and let me sign the bill. If you don’t like your job, sign up for community college fuckwad!) and they load the tray up with so much junk (salt, pepper shakers, glass of water, etc) that it is too much to deal with. I just want to get this drooling creep out of my room as soon as possible, not do a QC audit on the service.

As far as why post a thread, that is what the pit is for. Room service is enough of an unpleasant experience without dealing with tomato juice. I just won’t use it any more. I am already down to using it only out of abject desperation. At another hotel I ordered a cheeseburger. Burger came. No cheese. No lettuce. No tomato. No onion. Not even a damn pickle. Bun not toasted. Sole condiment: ketchup. The guy acted surprised that I wanted a decent burger for 10 frigging dollars. “Oh, you wanted lettuce and tomato?” like I was some kind of decadent hedonist. I honestly think they hate their jobs and just fuck with us.

Minibars are going the way of the dodo, thank God. Perhaps they were tired of replacing expired product. I once looked at a Budwieser in one of those. The “Born-on” date was almost a year previous. :eek:

I believe Hyatt > Marriot. They are both supossedly 3*, but Hyatts seem nicer in my experience.

Sheraton > Hyatt > Hilton > Marriot is how I rank 'em, although the Marriott Anaheim Suites is one of the nicest hotels I have stayed in for the price and had excellent food.

Yes they have taken it off the bill, but I guess this post is more about the overall nastiness of the meal rather than just the error. Since it is perfectly possible to send up good food, since that didn’t happen, someone isn’t doing their job right. Goofing the order is just icing on the whole incompetent cake.

Easier than getting on SDMB and bitching about it.

I think, perhaps, that you are not all that Happy, Wanderer. :smiley:

(I love tomato juice - I’ll drink it any time of the day or night, but even I won’t drink it warm. Blecch.)

I’m not at all surprised you had a crappy, overpriced meal. What did you expect when ordering room service?

Y’know, maybe it wasn’t really tomato juice at all.

Maybe it was extra ketchup. :eek:

When I drink tomato juice I don’t drink it for breakfast.

And I do drink it warm.

But I didn’t order it, I swear!

Maybe he thought you’d be hitting the minibar for a (very) small vodka?

I have had pretty good luck with Marriotts & room service. Best one yet was Sawgrass- the first night, we get in late and order dinner at about 10:00 pm. Food comes in about 35 minutes and sucks rocks- cold, nasty, jusy yucky. I call down & get pissed, and 15 minutes later up comes the on-duty manager with new food! And an apology, and an assurance that just because it’s late there is no excuse!

The guy did a great job for Marriott that night, and I told the GM exactly that, in writing. It seemed like the least I could do.

Not too hard to please are we? Did you order it with all those extras?

So that 'ill be a cheese burger, with; cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, a toasted bun, and a damned pickle, no salt & pepper shakers, or glasses of water or tomato juice? Right.
Did you want the ketchup? OK glass of ketchup, sorry sorry, right no glasses.

M&M’s, no blue ones, right. :frowning: Just the yellow :wink: and green :stuck_out_tongue: ones. :smiley:

CMC fnord!
Seriously dude, next time call out to McDonald’s, you can get 2 semi-decent burgers for 10 frigging dollars, with fries, and hot apple pie!

McDonalds delivers? To hotels?

Who knew?

Bunch of places I’ve stayed at had menus from local eateries, Chinese restaurants, pizza places, McD’s etc.
I used to deliver to hotels near Newark airport for Subway!

CMC fnord!

Yeah, but that’s a local deal. Very rare with a place like Mickey D’s. And I have found that a lot of the restaurants that are promoted in motels, from pizza joints up to the expensive places they “review” in those stupid “what to do in town” magazines that only appear in hotel rooms are not the places informed locals would go, as if we are stupid enough not to notice that the set of restaurants that are fawningly reviewed, and the set of restaurants that advertised in the publication are equal sets… :rolleyes:

/At age 46 I finally found a use for set theory taught in elementary school! Yippee!
//Now going to PF Chang’s across the street because I cannot face anything else from the kitchen here.
///Yeah, I know PF Chang sucks ass.
////No I am not a masochist.
/////Just guilty of importing FARK slashie meme.
//////Thinking of starting a Cafe thread about PF Chang is ok for fake chinese food, but uses too damn much salt.

There’s your mistake right there. First look, then sign.

That’s good advice for life in general.