Female Orgasms: It’s What’s In Your Genes – Not His…Thank Your Mother, Not Your Lover

A recent study published in Biology Letters, conducted in the world-renowned hotbed of sexual awareness, England, and carried in US News & World Report says female ♀rgasm frequency could be genetic.

Information like this is good news for men and women. Ladies can now blame their helixes instead of their cervixes & their male partners can fault her building blocks instead of their own chafed cocks.

Who’da thunk?

Uh, thanks, Mom! :eek:

Thanks, mom. Though somehow it feels wrong to be thanking my mother for my orgasms…

OTOH, apparently there is “no evolutionary need” for me to have them. I think I’ll keep doing it anyway, thank you Dr. Lloyd.

You know, up until I read this, I was very fond of my mother. :frowning:

OK. While I’ll accept that a certain “sensitivity” can be influenced by genetics, and that a greater sensitivity would make it easier to achieve an org … what “he” does (or doesn’t do) is still a HUGE factor.

Otherwise, why would I experience only 1 or 2 with one lover and over 100 with onther ??

I would dispute the assertion of there being “no evolutionary need” for the female O. My guess is that we would have gone extinct a long time ago had all procreation relied on the desire to have rugrats.

Exactly my theory, Rich Mann. Without any sort of enjoyment incentive, my guess is that our numbers would have grown much more slowly, if at all.

This is disturbing enough, considering that my mother and I are mistaken for each other on the phone often. I am not going to follow that thought to any conclusion.

My mother is the least sexual person I know, while I…well, what I am is not important, here. Let me just say that if this sort of thing is genetic, my husband better be thanking his lucky stars that I am a mutant from my genetic pool.

Oh, I absolutely agree. In fact, I was pretty offended by the assertion. I very much liked Mark Morford’s follow up column.