fences and barbed wire

everyday on my way to work i see fences with barbed wire on top. my first thought is wow that makes the place look worse. i have also seen fences with the chain link so small that you cant climb them, i have seen these mostly at parks. why not just make fences with the small chain links in them. so you cant put your foot or hands in and clib it. that way it wont look tacky and still provide security

If someone really wants to get over a small-mesh chain link fence they can make some leg irons like pole-climbing gear and some hooks to hold in their hands and be over the fence in a minute. The razor wire creates more of an obstacle.

Somewhere I say a TV documentary about stupid criminal acts. A couple of guys wanted to break out of a medium security prison. In order to defeat the razor wire the wrapped layer after layer of newspapers under their clothes and then one night the had at it. The made it but forgot to remove the newspaper before they tried to swim a river. Both downed when the paper became water logged.

You don’t say where these fences are.
Rural? Suburbs? City?
I can only answer for rural.
The fences here in very rural Iowa are made to keep animals in.
They don’t need to be pretty.Used to be that cattle were bred to have short legs. they couldn’t jump very high.
Trends happen .Long legged cattle are more popular and now we use electric fences that keep farm animals away from fences,at least thats whats supposed to happen :smiley:


Wire fences with smaller spaces between the wires means you need more wire, which means you need more metal, which means the fence is more expensive.

There actually are security standards for fencing.

8 feet with a “top guard” of either concertina or three strands of barbed wire is the spec for deterring the “determined intruder”

Three feet high is basically saying “Please keep out” and is to discourage casual trespassers. Six feet with no barbed wire is a middle ground of being useful in that it’s fairly difficult to climb.

Aside from being more expensive, small-opening fence fabric can obscure the ability to see through it (it can look completely opaque on closed-circuit TV, effectively hiding whatever’s on the other side) and it still needs the barbed wire to meet the spec.