Feraliminal Lycanthropizer

Has anyone ever heard of this? I came across a reference to it while reading about accoustic weapons. Is this machine fact or wishful fantasy?

Is it some kind of 1940’s style sonic weapon?

Sorta - suposedly emitted sound at a frequency lower than what humans can recognizably hear. But had the effect of extreme arousal and reduced or lowered inhibitions, heightened mental focus, heightened agression.

Fortean Times, on Sonic Weapons

With some connection with werewolves?

In the aftermath of the WTO riots in Seattle, sonic crowd control was discussed, including weapons that caused people to poop their pants. Presumably, the police would already be adequately diapered (in agressive SWAT black, of course).

So Southpark’s “brown note” is real then.

It seems to be to be made up from
fera-liminal = wild animal conscious
lycanthrop-izer = wolf man creator.

The genius of this system is that since it uses sound waves instead of electro magnetic waves, it can penetrate any of the current designs of tinfoil hat.

As I noted in this Comments on Cecil’s Columns thread, Cecil wrote a column on this.

It appears that, according to a recent AP Report, the Israli army is using such a weapon, known as “The Scream” as a non-lethal weapon against protesters.

Oh please. So tin foil hats wouldn’t work against it. You do realize that vacuum transmits no sound what so ever right? All you’d have to do to protect yourself against this weapon - put a thermos over your head (provided you found one of sufficient size). No wonder it turned out to be a hoax.

“Cappucine” strikes again!
These newfangled weapons remind me of the system unveiled by the corrupted Dr. Robert Stadtler [sp?] character from Atlas Shrugged.