The Feraliminal Lycanthropizer

Apparently, this is a true sonic device that stimulates and enhances the “lower animalistic tendencies” of humans

So what’s the Straight Dope on the Feraliminal Lycanthropizer? What exactly would be the effects of “two electrically generated subsonic sinewaves – one 3hz, the other 9hz. Together, generating a lower third, .56hz.” on the human body?

Bunk? Or can I actually Lycanthropize myself?

The text you pasted contains a fair deal of bullshit jargon; as well as preposterous, pseudometaphysical suggestions. I say bunk.

Christ, what’s up the past few days?

Of course it’s bullshit. Along with territorial claims on the Moon, the International Star Registry, buying titles of noblity, astrology, and Brittney Spear’s marriage, the Frealiminal Lycanthropizer is bullshit from top to bottom.

Well that’s sort of an out of hand, unsubstantiated dismissal. Sonic weapons and the elusive “Brown Note” seem like bullshit, but are well within physical possibility, why not this?

The web site it came from belongs to a guy who thinks he’s the ruler of the universe :dubious:

Of the three references, two are ancient, and the other is a newspaper story. Not strong, believable sources.

Yes, and apparently it is a true existing device. The claims seem dubious but nevertheless documented. The sources seem reliable.

I’m interested in the legitimacy of this. I am not claiming the effects are true, but I’m genuinely interested in the biological effects of manipulated waveforms within the ambient spectrum (EM, aural, etc.). There is a scientific basis for subliminal entrainment.

Dude, it says that a Catalonian (?) used one to brainwash Hitler into adopting the swastika.

But read this.

It was actually adopted due to the influence of Emil Burnouf, who was not Catalonian, but German.

It pre-dates Hitler’s involvement in the Nazi Party.

The claim is bunkum.

Also, anybody claiming to be the Master Of The Universe better be named He-Man, that’s all I gotta say. :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, that’s the thing. Regardless of the ridiculous claims, is there, or has there ever been such a device? Is their something magical about its acclaimed harmonic?

C’mon guys, I really want to go Wolfman. Why must you always dash my hopes!?!?

It’s listed all over the web. Many of the posts I found during a Google search repeat the same description over and over, yet none offer proof of its existence. If you really want to go Wolfman, you’re howling at the wrong moon on this one.

I would have given the quoted material a 7, perhaps a 7.5 out of ten for pseudoscientific gobbledegook till I got to this:

That is just pure gold. “Nucleopatriphobic” alone would get it above 9 but combining that, in a single inspired sentence, with “freeze-locking, thanatotic armor” is sheer genius.

9.8 out of ten, easy.

Yeah, that’s the technical score. What about the score for artistic merit?

You mean I’m not the Duke of Earl and ruler of the Sea of Tranquillity?

I think the tone is a bit uneven.

The second paragraph is a bit Heath Robinson, and the last two paragraphs veer off into historic conspiracy theory.

For artistic merit, perhaps a 6.

You want a sound-based inducer/enhancer of the lower animalistic tendencies? Okay, try this:

(Warning: sound included).

DNA doesn’t have any “innermost loci”; that phrase is quite meaningless in chemistry or biology. There’s plenty of other nonsense to be found, of course.

Well of course there’s no “innermost loci”-- not in untreated DNA. Steric ordination of sequentially nested gene loci is only observed after atomic catharsis. How else do you explain the 72% consistency in phenotypic expression of the nokhod? Scorn if you must, but the facts speak for themselves. Renowned Persian botanist Mahabad Golriz has accomplished what generations of establishment scientists had thought impossible-- a lycanthropic chick pea.

<DBarry>Band name</DBarry>

“Nucleopatriphobic?” Fear of one’s father at the subatomic level?

Never mind the silly lycanthropizer! Where’s the IQ Cap?!