Fertility drops earlier than thought - men's too!

New science news
Fertility drops earlier than thought - Women’s biological clock starts ticking in late 20s: study

Oh great. I get in this wonderful conversation with my SO this weekend about how great it is that I won’t be worried about stuff like that for a while, and you come in and refute it. (I just turned 28.) Thanks a lot! :stuck_out_tongue:
Just kidding. But that is one more thing for me to think about today.

I, for one, am relieved. Does anyone else find the thought of little sKerris running around, well…scary? :stuck_out_tongue:

tick-tock-tick-tock-tick-tock! :smiley:

Just freaking wonderful. Now , not only do I actually have to really consider whether to willingly and knowingly become a single mom or just continue to wait and hope that I find “Mr. Wonderful” to start a family, but I have to start my deliberations soon knowing there is a definate time factor. :eek:

I always said I’d have a baby when I turned 28, but now that 28 is right around the corner, I thought I’d wait a few more years. Now I have to worry about infertility too… damn. :rolleyes: I thought I had all the time in the world.

Preach it.
I am 30, and my SO (who has not even made the intent official, iffnyaknowwhatImean) wants 4 boys and 2 girls.
I think not.
I’m too old, we’re too poor…
So, the question is, do I go ahead and show him the article, so I can say “I told you so!”
or do I ignore it, lest he decide to speed things along before we’re both ready, and I wake up barefoot and pregnant tomorrow
(Well- I mean- I always wake up barefoot, but I’m not a breakfast eater, so no bun in the oven so far.)

What they’re not saying is who conducted the research and who funded it.
I just read Trust Us, We’re Experts so I view all these releases now with a healthy dose of skepticism.

Well, one of my college roommates is probably flipping out right now. (When I knew her, she was determined to marry by twenty-five because she thought pregnancy after thirty was too high-risk. I don’t know whether it’s dawned on her yet that you cannot pre-schedule life events involving other people.)

As far as I’m concerned, 35 is a nice, civilized age to start thinking about children, and if it doesn’t happen the natural way I’d just as soon adopt anyway.