Festival Concerts Ideas You've Had

We’ve had Horde, Lollapalooza, Ozfest, and others, but I’m sure that we Dopers can come up with some more interesting line ups than those.

I’ve always thought that it’d be cool if the oddball acts got together and did a festival tour. You could call it, “Munsters of Rock.” Here’s my list of acts, in no particular order:
[li]Mini Kiss[/li][li]Li’l G n’R[/li][li]Weird Al Yankovic[/li][li]Judy Tenuta[/li][li]Primus[/li][li]Soul Coughing[/li][li]MC 900 ft Jesus[/li][/ul]

What’s yours? You can use any group that still has surviving members (so the Doors are in), but they can’t have the dead members back (so no Jim Morrison). Groups that have split up, are allowed to reunite for the tour.

I think The Cramps need to be on your list!

the One Hit Wonder tour…a revolving stage with room for four sets, one of which at any time is oriented to the audience.

While the other bands are doing their sound checks, each band plays their One Hit, then the stage rotates to the other band who then plays theirs, etc…

Several dozen one hit wonder bands.