Feta cheese

How do you serve it when adding it to a salad?


[Edit] 100 characters per poll options - what a gyp!! Option three should of course read “With a Mornay sauce served in a Provencale manner with shallots and aubergines garnished with truffle pate, brandy and with a fried egg on top and spam”

I voted “cumbled”. I assumed that was some sort of tumbled/crumbled version.

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Cumble: To destroy.

That’s how I like my cheese…

I do it Greek-style - a big slab on top of the salad. Pretty much like this.

I take the package, toss it into the garbage and make sure it gets taken out promptly.

I am sensitive to a chemical in goat products that makes everything goat smell like goat urine. I cant get anything neat my face the smell is abhorrent. I refuse to have the crap in my house. No goat dairy anything, no goat meat, nothing.

Diced or crumbled, depending on the dish.

Would never guess that from your name.

So…how you doing?

Cubed. I want to impale it properly with the fork.

Cubed if I’m going to marinade it in oil and seasonings before adding it to the salad, shredded if I’m just going to let it mingle with the dressing.

I can’t bare being around the stuff either.

Ghastly foul funk permeates the very photons lighting the table with the excrescence of fetid and offallic goat cheese.

The only dish and way I ever eat feta (oddly, the written recipe below the pic says “crumbled,” but as-pictured is the way to go).

I generally love goat cheese, I’ve had several varieties and enjoy them all. Except feta. I like the texture a lot, but for some reason I can’t get past the stomach acid taste. I don’t eat cheese much any more since I try to avoid non-vegetarian rennet, but I just never could deal with feta anyway.

Never seen it served like that - quite a chunk of cheese for a simple salad to cope with…

It works pretty well, actually. The salad doesn’t include lettuce, and the vegetables are cut in chunks. Easy enough to use your fork to break out a piece of the cheese with a chunk of tomato or cuke.

Crumbled with salad, cubed with watermellon.

Depends on the salad and my mood. But I love it in any way - crumbled, cubed, grated or just a huge piece of it on top.