Fetus discovered at shuttle debris site?

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Here I am in Houston and while watching the news this morning I read on the headlines scrolling across the bottom of the screen that a fetus was found at one of the shuttle debris sites. BUT no story talked about by the anchors and no word of it on the two news station websites.

Has anyone heard about this?

Are you sure it said “fetus”? That seems like an odd thing to find in connection with the space shuttle. A quick Google search turned up nothing.


That would be very strange…

No, BTW, I haven’t heard that.

Okay, you have me doubting myself. I’m gonna feel real stupid if it said something else. But I waited in front of the stupid TV long enough for the headline to come around again and so if I read it wrong I did it twice.

Well, if it turns out to be true that doesn’t mean it is in any way associated with the shuttle. A small army of people searching hundreds of square miles of land are going to turn up a lot of unrelated stuff.

Any idea what kind of medical experiments they might have been conducting on the mission? It wouldn’t necessarily be a human fetus…

Yes, there’s a dead baby, but it’s not from the shuttle. A story from KTRK-TV says:


Seriously, this has all the elements of an urban legend – tragedy, sex, horror, etc. and I’m hoping that it’s only that. What was the original news source?

Ah, posted a scant few seconds too early. Thanks JM.

THANK YOU JohnM. I swear the news stations are just idiotic around here. The headline had me thinking that they found the fetus among the debris. I didn’t think that the fetus was directly related to the shuttle but that the search for debris turned it up in the woods or something. Why couldn’t the headline had said something about female searchers being investigated?

Aw, c’mon, how newsworthy would that be? Sorry, is my cynicism showing? I can’t watch the news any longer for precisely this reason - the teasers are misleading at best and downright dishonest at worst. We can’t let the facts get in the way of potential ratings, can we?

OK, I’ll stop now. Deep breaths. Deep breaths…

I thought the same thing. I was expecting the OP to be an email someone received about one of the female shuttle crew being pregnant, and the only part of her that made it to Earth was the fetus, showing God’s Love Of The Unborn ™. I had Snopes alreadly loading in another tab.

Any fetus that attempted reentry would be not only deepfried but also 50 feet in diameter.

That’s why NASA wouldn’t release the end of the crew’s videotape! One of them was yelling, “There’s a fetus on the wing!” and trying to get the door open.

Eve, where shall I send you the bill for this Guiness you just made me waste?

Maybe it was Festus they discovered there.

Finally, a smoking gun.

Or a Fester!

Uncle! Uncle!

That’s gotta be one of the sickiest, most twisted things I’ve read on these boards. Are you single?

I’m sure the story is true!
But was it a…human fetus??:eek:???

Story coming up: another NASA coverup near Roswell!!