Few may care....

…but in less than 48 hours I’ll be hip deep in powder snow, skiing in Vail! :smiley: …for two weeks. :smiley: …it’s my b-day present from my wife but somehow she managed to sidle up and get in on the trip as well. The kids too… Hmmmm… and I’m paying for the whole thing… Wait a cotton pickin’ second here!
Yes, that was pointless and mundane but I simply needed to share my good fortune with those less fortunate. :slight_smile:

Please carry on with your ho-hum lives while you envy mine…

(…ducks and runs out of room before getting lynched by angry mob…)

…apparently far fewer of you care than I originally anticipated. :frowning: Very well. I’m off to pack. You’ll miss me while I’m gone! Right?.. somebody?.. anybody?.. oh nuts…

I am far too clumsy to attempt skiing myself, but heck, I’ll go ahead and envy you. :stuck_out_tongue: This smilie is green with envy!
Have a good, and safe, trip.

well… if I has seen it I would care.
Have fun skiing.

And don’t break a leg.
how long will you be gone?

Vail is a very nice place. I don’t ski, but it’s nice anyway. Have fun, happy birthday, see you when you get back. Don’t break any legs. :slight_smile:

How would you like to adopt me for the duration of your ski trip? :slight_smile:

Don’t eat any wooden snow bunnies!

What a trip! Two weeks of snowy bliss, high altitude mountain air and no broken limbs - who could ask for anything more!

I demoed a bunch of new skis but couldn’t settle on a set I really wanted to buy. Thought of trying to beat Alberto Tomba’s slalom time for a shot to win a free lease of a Lexus truck for a year - but it’s been years since I raced and I was never that good at slalom anyway. The real achievement of this trip was that my 4 year old daughter is now a skier as well. She was skiing from top of Vail to the bottom on her fourth day out. She’s a natural. I’m so proud of my little racer :).

Alas, I’m back to work and the usual mundane grind. Oh well, there is always next year.

So what’s new with the rest of you? Summarize it for me.

Well, I live in Colorado and I haven’t made it to the freaking slopes YET! This year I WILL go to Crested Butte for the nude skiing. I will, I will, I will!!

I’ve been x-country skiing. Been to Hawaii in November & the Carribean in December. I prefer hot weather anyhow…:D:D:D:D