Fiction of the Holy Grail

As I was watching a show on the History Channel last night about the Holy Grail, I got to thinking: Since the Holy Grail is fictional, why don’t more historians, and indeed the general public, seem to know about it? (Admittedly, one of the “historians” on the show last night was the author of Holy Blood, Holy Grail, so he obviously doesn’t want it to be fiction…)

For instance, this page lists several theories of what and where the Grail is, and goes so far as to state that the idea of the Grail being a purely Celtic invention doesn’t explain everything.

Hey, look at all the movies, books, games… Obviously hobbits are real. Not to mention the NCC-1701 USS Enterprise.

Or, just maybe, if you think about it – perhaps Chrêtien de Troyes just wrote a good story (and left it unfinished). It’s not as though it’s the only one he ever wrote; he also invented Sir Lancelot.

Real historians know that there never was any real Grail cult.

Writers of paranoid phantasies, of course, are not historians.