Fictional characters with state names

I’m interested in finding how many different US states have a fictional character with the same name. I’ve made up a list of those I can find. I’d like to hear about any additions to my list. I’m mostly interested in characters whose last names are the same as a state, but I’ll take a first name if we can’t find a last name. Here’s my list of last names:

[li]Arizona – Arizona family (Nathan, Florence, quints) :: Raising Arizona :: movie[/li][li]California – Robert California :: The Office :: tv show[/li][li]Idaho – Duncan Idaho :: Dune et seq. :: novels :: Frank Herbert[/li][li]Maine – Norman Maine :: A Star is Born :: movie[/li][li]Montana – Hannah Montana :: Hannah Montana :: tv series/movie[/li][li]Nebraska – Steve Nebraska :: The Scout :: movie[/li][li]Oregon – Ukiah Oregon :: Alien Taste et seq. :: novels :: Wen Spencer[/li][li]Utah – Johnny Utah :: Point Break :: movie[/li][li]Washington – Martha Washington :: Give Me Liberty :: comic books :: Frank Miller[/li][/ul]

And of first names:

[li]Alaska – Alaska Young :: Looking for Alaska :: novel :: John Green[/li][li]Georgia – Georgia Bottoms :: Georgia Bottoms :: novel :: Mark Childress[/li][li]Indiana – Indiana Jones :: Raiders of the Lost Ark :: movie[/li][li]Minnesota – Minnesota Fats :: The Hustler :: novel, movie :: Walter Tevis[/li][li]Nevada – Nevada Smith :: Nevada Smith :: movie [/li][li]Virginia – Virginia Otis :: The Canterville Ghost :: short story :: Oscar Wilde[/li][li]Wyoming – Wyoming Knott :: The Moon is a Harsh Mistress :: novel :: Robert Heinlein[/li][/ul]

Note that I only want one for each state. And the names must be the full name of the state. Partial names like Tex and Dakota are right out. Also, the character must be from an English language work.

So anyone have any additions?

There’s s character called “Oregon” in the British sitcom “Fresh Meat”

Florida Evans from Good Times.

Michigan J. Frog

South Dakota Slim

Alabama Smith

These are probably nicknames within the film, but so’s Indiana Jones.

Episode 4161 of Sesame Street, an Indiana Jones parody titled “The Golden Triangle of Destiny,” includes Minnesota Mel, Texas Telly, Wyoming Walt, and Virginia Virginia as characters.

The film Identity, whose characters include Dakota, Caroline, Lou Isiana, Rhodes, Maine, Nevada, Washington, and York.

Alabama (Patricia Arquette) in True Romance.

Tennessee Tuxedo (and his tales)

Mississippi Beaumont from the novel** Savvy** by Ingrid Law.

Who was, of course, a parody of Minnesota Fats.

So’s Minnesota Fats and probably a couple others in my list. Nicknames are OK as long as they’re the name the character mostly goes by.

Thanks for the additions everyone. Unfortunately no one found any last names, but I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised at that. I would like a better example for Texas, though. A one-episode character in a long-running show is less than ideal. – Found one: Texas Jack is a character in “The Great Race” (1965).

Rio Bravo has a character named Colorado Ryan played by Ricky Nelson.

El Dorado has a character named MIssissippi played by James Caan.

Nat Colorado, from Cowboys and Aliens

Canton Delaware from Doctor Who

Ethel Georgia from The Good Companions

Ken Tucky from Garbage Pail Kids

Jane Vermont from Anna Lee.

Texas Pete, from Superted

Reno Nevada, from Buckaroo Banzai (also an origin novel as well as the film).

Delaware was a name before it was a state, as well.

(ETA: A zillion years ago I had regular customer whose check address always cracked me up - he was John Boston who lived on Sacramento Street in San Francisco. So the three city names stacked neatly on the imprint.)

The Red vs. Blue series in the mid seasons had agents in Project Freelancer named after states, including North and South Dakota (Siblings), Carolina (sorry only one, so no North or South), Maine, York (without the New), Washington, Wyoming, and Texas (mostly went by Tex).

These were code names, but we do not know their real names except for Tex, (Allison in the series, Beth in the song Girl Named Tex).


I just discovered a two-fer:

Brooke Shields as Wanda Nevada (from the movie of the same name);

Paul Fix as Texas Curly (same film).

Plenty of beauty queens with names like ‘Miss New York’

Illinois Gordon from Hoodlum.

Arizona Robbins, although, technically she’s named after the battleship (which was named after the state).