Fictional Finales

This thread is for posting the fictional final episodes to your favorite shows past and present.

Saturday Night Live-The entire cast stands up and announces that they have offered to merge with Fox’s Mad TV, but that they were turned down because Fox had already signed up all the Second City stars that were still alive. :slight_smile:

Everybody Loves Raymond - Raymond meets someone who mildly likes him. The universe collapses.

Enterprise - A mysterious man (bearing a striking resemblance to Capt. Archer) who has been stuck in a time vortex for 200 years kills the crew, takes the Enterprise to a planet at the center of the galaxy, and waits

NYPD Blue - Sipowicz is introduced to his new partner, played by the guy who was Cousin Oliver on The Brady Bunch.

The X-Files - The Smoking Man returns and tells Mulder and Scully they are brother and sister. The camera swings around to Chris Carter. He shrugs.

Red Dwarf: the very fabric of the universe rebels at yet another bad series. Destroys the ship, and all possible alternate timelines, and other versions of the crew, and holographic versions of them… except for Rimmer as a hologram, Lister, Norman Lovett as Holly, and the Cat.

Prime Minister’s Question Time: Tony Blair, or whoever’s PM, stops halfway through the usual nonsense, mutters "Oh, I don’t want to do this any more, I’m bored…" a la Cleese from Python’s Election Special, and stalks off. Collapse of Government. Sensible life reigns until the Tories seize power by balloting Bowling Clubs.

Star Trek: Everyone just refuses to get on another ship cptained by Kirk, Picard, or Janeway. All three Captains have their careers reviewed. They’re all hanged for Showing Off. Everyone leaves Deep Space 9, too, until Captain Slpahead sorts out the parallel universe and moves the station to a safer sector.

Voyager - They make it home, are welcomed as heroes, return to their previous lives, get back together for a trip, and end up stranded in the same place. Basically, just copy what happened in Gilligan’s Island, which is what Voyager really is anyways.

The Fugitive. Dr. Richard Kimble has established his innocence and started a romance with the home town girl with whom he got re-acquainted during the final few episodes. All seems well at the official end of the series…

But wait! There’s more! During his years on the run, just how many women fell in love with the futitive doc? A dozen or so? Now, each one sees his photo on the front page of her local newspaper, with a headline trumpeting his exoneration, and a story revealing his current whereabouts… They all show up on his doorstep, at the rate of two or three per day, all expecting to resume a relationship.

Thus leading to the new Fugitive series, as poor Dr. Kimble takes it on the lamb once again.

Friends - Someone rakes the coffee shop with a ak-47, killing everyone. Slo-motion kills of all the friends with particular kills of Rachel and Ross in several camera angles. The killer gets a ticker tape parade and the HUGE apartments are divided up into 48 regular size New York apartments.

Dark Angel - Jessica Alba’s character develops a allergic reaction to clothing. Her nudity starts a full bore fashion trend.

Voyager - See Dark Angel specifically Seven of Nine

Monty Python’s Flying Circus - Without any warning NBC Must See TV goes off and Graham Chapman appears to confide with everyone that a) he really was alive all these years and b) the Pythons took up a collection and bought the network to ‘give us something completely different’. (Sigh…one could REALLY HOPE something like this would happen)