Fictional Schools on TV shows ONLY

A list of schools on TV, their mascot names and principal if known.

I will start with-

South Park Elementary…The Cows…Principal Victoria

Walt Whitman High School, unknown, Mr. Kaufman (“Room 222”)

Sunnydale High, Razorbacks, various (Flutie, Snyder, Wood) (Buffy)

Degrassi Junior High - unknown - Mr. Lawrence

Carver High School, never mentioned, Principal Jim Willis (The White Shadow)

Wossamotta U., unknown, coach Rocky Canute

Bayside High - Tigers - Mr. Belding (Saved by the Bell)

William Penn Academy - The Quakers - John Glascott (The Goldbergs, Schooled)*

*William Penn Academy is a real school, and John Glascott is a real person who really was (is?) the principal there. However, its, and his, portrayal on TV is fictionalized.

James Buchanan High School-Welcome Back Kotter

Smallville High, Crows, various (Kwan, Gibbons, Reynolds) (Smallville, natch)

University of Los Angeles - Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

If we’re doing colleges and universities as well, Undeclared was set at the University of Northeastern California and multiple episodes of Law & Order involve Hudson University in New York City.

Nitpick: The current principal is PC Principal.

Vice Principals: North Jackson High / Warriors & Tigers / Dr. Belinda Brown

Michael Woodman, originally VP, later became principal.

Winslow High School - Principal Steven Harper - Boston Public.

Neptune High / Polly the Parrot / Mr. Van Clemmons – Veronica Mars

Santo Domingo HS…Flamingos…Grace Musso (thumb swish) - Parker Lewis Can’t Lose

Ocean Park High…unknown…Ed Rooney - Ferris Bueller