Fictional vehicles that'd make good Autobots.

(…or Decepticons, for that matter)

Partially inspired by a recent re-watching of the original Transformers movie (did they even say “shit” in the live-action one? :eek: ), musing on the fact that many transformers’ vehicle modes seem to be modified or variant versions of the machines they’re imitating…and a couple of fanart pictures I ran across of Ecto-1 and Airwolf as transformers, I thought I’d pose the question in the title.

My picks?

•The movie era X-Jet/Blackbird. (The only question is if you’d get Susan Blu or Venus Terzo to do the [del]sexy[/del] voice.)
•The Batmobile. (Any era. Well…almost any era. The ones that just look like Mazdas with a fin on the top or the ones with spinning strobe lights are probably out.)
•One of the giant flying wings from Evangelion. (Which I would imagine would either be composed of several transformers combining, or one, big, stupid one.)
•I was going to say Herbie, but I think he was one already. Either one who went AWOL, or a feral who “went native.”
•The UD-4L “Cheyenne” dropship. Express elevator to hell!

Anyone else?

I dunno, that bad boy looks like it’d be more at home with the 'Cons.

In the vein of Skyfire (taken from Macross) of already transforming mecha from anime, the Spartas Hovertanks and AJAX choppers from Southern Cross would make nice 'Bots. Similarly, and rounding out the Robotech series, the Legioss/Alphas from MOSPAEDA would make an interesting modified form for Skyfire himself. (Particularly the red variants, who are a little more slender than the others, and are already in the right colours.)

And, in the grand tradition of GIJoe/Transformers crossovers, 'Bots taking Joe Vehicle forms, and 'Cons going with Cobra…some of the better ones (that is, the ones that don’t look like existing TFs, aren’t all spindly or consisting mostly of rollbars)…

The Cobra HISS
The Joes Snow Cat/Tiger Cat
The Cobra Mamba
The Cobra Conquest (The Joe version just looks lame.)

(Huh…looks like the 'Cons will be working with Cobra a lot more than the 'Bots with the Joes.)

There’s a good piece of fanart of Grimlock as a Leman Russ from Warhammer 40,000.

I also think that the Overlord tank from C&C: Generals would make a good boss transformer. The two halves of the bunker would work well on the shoulders, and would provide elevated firing positions for micromasters/mini-cons.

Snow Cat did make a good transformer. It’s the only known crossover, but it exists.

Oh, that is awesome… Kind of funny that the only toy crossover was from a continuity that never had any story crossovers.

Very cool. I’ve always wanted the Batmobile to be a transformer. Especially the new Tumbler version because it was more badass a way tougher.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. It already transforms, just not into a robot.

It sounds like a Rammstein song. Chitty Chitty Bang! Bang!

It would require minimal preparation.

There is a X-29 transformer. A few off the same mold.

That’s the Conquest.
The AJAX Chopper? I could give that a whirl.

Bumblebee is going to be pissed at that suggestion.

The DeLorean - he’ll be the Autobot with the substance abuse problem.

Sadly, they all lack the panache of the Python Force paint job. Look better than the Joes’ version, though.

Eh, lacks most of the real awesome features of the AJAX - too spindly in its bot mode, wrong head configuration, wrong leg configuration, only a 2 blade rotor and single rudder tail, no wings… On the other hand, assuming the actual Southern Cross design would be the cartoon design, Whirl would be about as similar to an AJAX as Iron Hide or Ratchet are to their cartoon designs. >_>

Here you go!


The powerful Mach 5.

The van from the A-Team should TOTALLY be a Transformer somehow. It fits perfectly in the Transformer universe too - lots of bullets, no deaths (with few exceptions).

Make the head look like Mr. T while you are at it, please.

The Maraj from Silverhawks. Look at it - it’s an awesome space vessel. That totally requires an atmosphere to make sense, but we’re ignoring that. I can’t find pictures, but I’ll nominate Seymour’s space-cab and the Limbo Limo as well.

The Planet Express Deliver Ship.

Which could transform, quite obviously, into Bender.
Whether he would be an Autobot or a Decepticon…I…cannot…say…

Oh. And DC Comics Haunted Tank could be animated by the spirit of Jeb Stuart.

Christine. Already self-repairing and satanic.