Fictitious books/magazines you'd like to read

If I had the chance, I’d want to read Air Dance and Conway’s Daughter, the early novels of Ben Mears, a major character in Stephen King’s 'Salem’s Lot.

And the next time I needed to plan a vacation, I’d be sure to consult Cheese Holidays, a glossy magazine read by Wallace in Wallace & Gromit’s A Grand Day Out.

And you?

Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy of course.
Some of Scotty’s technical journals.
The Original Red Book of Westmarch.

A good start, I could go on for too long.


Nun’s Life , read by the boy in the original Airplane! movie.

The Necrotelecomnicon.

What Exit? beat me to the Hitchhiker’s Guide, but I’ll throw in the Book of Three and the Neverending Story.

Anything by Kilgore Trout. Also, The Grasshopper Lies Heavy from PKD’s The Man in the High Castle.

Meta and World’s Finest magazines.
The Encyclopedia Galactica.

I’d like to read Electronics for Dogs, after Gromit is done with it.

Stephen Colbert’s Alpha Force 7: Lady Nocturne- A Tek Jansen Adventure

In the play and movie Sleuth, one of the lead characters is a pompous, clever writer of a mystery series about a detective named St. John Lord Merridew. If those mysteries existed, I bet I’d love 'em.

Non-threatening boys magazine.

Runagate Rampart (from the Bas Lag books)

From the “Other Books by The Daily Show” page of A Citizen’s Guide to Democracy Inaction:

Pardon Me, But Could I Interest You In A Book About Canada? by Samantha Bee
The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Presents Get Ready for the Metric System
The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Presents Luxembourg: A Citizen’s Guide to Constitutional Monarchy Inaction
Jon Stewart’s Anthology of Public Domain Victorian Erotica

I wish they were real.

My first thought was that I’d love a copy of the Gray’s Sports Almanac: 1950-2000 from Back to the Future 2 & 3, but I don’t think it would do me a whole lotta good these days.

Ah hell, I’d love a copy of it anyway.

Am I really the first with Quidditch through the Ages and Hogwart’s: A History?

Am I really the first with Quidditch through the Ages and Hogwart’s: A History?

I’m curious to take a peek at the magazine Marge Simpson has been seen to read: Fretful Mother.

Am I crazy, or do I have a copy of Venus on a Half Shell by Kilgore Trout on my bookshelf?

Crimeways (A Janoth Publication), edited by Ray Milland and published by Charles Laughton in the 1948 film noir The Big Clock. If it was half as smart and stylish as the movie, it would have been a cracking good read.

I’d like Where God Went Wrong, More of Gods Greatest Mistakes and Who Is This God Person Anyway?. (All from HHGTTG of course)