Fight breaks out at Red Sox - Yankees game...

In other news, the sun will rise in the east tomorrow and set in the west.

Seriously, I hate the RedSox for picking fights instead of simply beating the Yankees in the division, and I hate the Yankees for being the Yankees. Yet I love these brawls. They make the games worth watching. Who took a swing at who? You don’t often see a bunch of millionaires acting out a scene from The Outsiders II.

Did anyone bash pretty-boy Jeter’s face in? Fucker.

Not that I particularly like real-life violence, but feuds like this are an indication that the players give a big shit about their team. On the other hand, one might say that avoiding fights is an indication that the players give a shit about the game of baseball itself. Hrm.

Nah. Kick Jeter’s ass. Anyone. Please!

It was mostly between Varitek and A-Rod. I used to like A-Rod, then he became a Yankee. Now he’s ugly and stupid.

I dislike the Yankees as much as anyone. And i don’t mind watching a good brawl, either.

But i don’t have too much respect for a catcher who starts throwing punches while still wearing his chest protector and his mask. Jason Varitek, you’re a coward.

Damn Democrats must be in town.


Immediately prior, A-Hole was jawing at Tek after being plunked, couldn’t tell what exactly but it was heated - probably something about Tek being a gutless pussy for calling that pitch. Jason shouldn’t have thrown the first punch, sure, but A-Hole shouldn’t have been such a friggin’ idiot as to try to rile a guy wearing a mask and pads either. Likewise, the Sox players who went after Tanyon Sturtze should have realized that it’s always best to see him stay *in * the game.

:shrug: It’s a guy thing.

Red Sox win in dramatic fashion. Too bad they’re still about 26 games back.

MLB article

They have a movie with a nice MLB logo right in the way of all the action! :pout:

Oh, i don’t have any sympathy for A-Rod. I just think that, as a matter of principle, there’s something gutless about throwing the first punch when you’re protected by a mask and chestplate.

As for the Sturtze thing, i thought he deserved whatever he got for running in and grabbing the Red Sox player around the neck like that.

Anyway, it was a very exciting match, and the game-winning homer was a joy to behold.

Turns out Sturtze went after Gabe Kapler, the most heavily muscled player Boston has, but Kap’s the one who got tossed - maybe because he left Sturtze bleeding.


You want to see good clean fun , watch a hockey brawl , nobody does it like the NHL.

Ah for the days of the Broadstreet bullies


Yeah, those old bench clearing brawls were a thing of beauty, weren’t they? :smiley:

That’s where baseball fights have it over hockey these days, though… they don’t happen as often, but when they do, it’s a big explosion.

How do you feel about A Rod jawing at Arroyo after getting hit in his elbow protector? I think he’s a big pussy and I wish Tek had actually punched him in the face instead of just shoving him. YMMV.

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Now THAT was good hockey!
[/Don Cherry]

I could lip read what A Rod was yelling. “Fork two! Fork two! Fork two!” I wonder what it means? Must be some kind of baseball slang.

Sure, A-Rod’s a dick, and was being an idiot. But there’s something qualitatively different about yelling abuse at someone and taking a swing at them. And if you’re going to do the latter, especially on a sporting field, it strikes me as rather bad form to do it when you have the advantage of body armor to protect you.

I have no trouble with Varitek taking a swing at A-Rod. He just should have had the guts to take his mask off first.

I watched the whole game, and no-one made any mention of Kapler being ejected.

For what it’s worth, I was listening to the baseball show on ESPN Radio before, during and after the fight, and Rob Dibble (former ML pitcher for the Reds) was explaining the catcher’s role in this situation.

According to Dibble, if the catcher (Varitek) thinks that there will be a physical retaliation after a hit-by-pitch, it’s his job to get his body between the batter (A-Rod) and the pitcher (Arroyo). The idea is that the pitcher is too valuable to risk injury, so the catcher has to “protect his guy.” The fact that the catcher has all that gear on serves as a deterrent to physical retaliation. Of course, if Varitek starts the violence, that doesn’t exactly deter retaliation…

Hit-batter “etiquette” is one of the stupidest things in sports. These barbarians were just following protocol (like jackasses). Of course, Varitek and A-Rod got ejected, and may be slapped with a cute little fine or something, but MLB isn’t going to control the situation any more than that.

Freaking baseball.

I’m well aware that the catcher is supposed to protect the pitcher. Never indicated otherwise. But, while A-Rod was yelling abuse at the mound, he never looked like he was going to charge it or instigate any physical stuff. It was Varitek who started that part of the altercation, and who threw the first punch.

I tend to agree with you about the “protocol” of hit batters. It’s all rather juvenile. I also agree with the Fox sportscasters, who opined that the use of a DH in the American League gives pitchers more incentive to hit batters, because they know they won’t have to face the music themselves. I’ve always thought the DH was a dumb rule, anyway.

Yeah, I figured that. I was actually posting for the benefit of those (like myself, until today) who didn’t know that little bit of “strategy.” I hadn’t thought about that DH/non-accountability thing until just now!

Man, this sport is better than WWE sometimes.

If you look at the stats since 1973, you’ll see that the NL and AL are pretty even for hit batsmen. But why spoil a good theory with the facts.