"Fight Club" -if you've seen it, spoilers enclosed!

So… anybody seen it? I did. And I have to say, I have no problem at all understanding why Fincher says “it’s supposed to be FUNNY!”. It IS.

Certainly it isn’t a movie for everyone, those sensitive to the sight of blood, and uncomfortable with splattering flesh would probably fail to be amused. But it IS funny.

I’m curious what the teeming millions think.

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Truly a great flick. Its invaded my whole way of thinking. I love the anti-commercialism of the whole premise and Tyler rips as a guy who basically does anything he wants. I will never look at liposuction the same again and I have found myself saying “Shatner…I would fight William Shatner” on occasion and smiling. I fought a lot before this flick in the ring but I got to tell you, coming out of that flick had me pumped to tango with someone. I could have been kicked in the gut and would have been happy about it.
The good thing is that I began working on my heavy bag again and felt great. Who says going back to your caveman mentality once in a while isn’t a good thing?

Excellent ending too!

I’ve seen it twice, and I’d see it again.

What I really liked about it was that it was so much more than I expected. The second viewing actually was almost as good as the first, becuase I saw so many new things.

It’s amazing how many clues are shown about the revelation in the movie.

I can see why it might get some controversy. This movie pushes the envelope big time.

Most people are gonna have problems getting past the violence. Too bad for them.

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

And HELL YEAH the movie was funny!

It was sick, cynical, twisted, funny, serious, deep, throwaway, with an upbeat/depressing ending.

What the hell more could ya ask for?

One critic said that if the major movie companies made movies like this all the time, the independant film industry would vanish overnight.

I loved this movie!

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

Yeah. I concur 100% with your assessment. A worthy movie. Hillarious in spots, but deeper than a comedy.

“I’d fight Gandhi.”

peas on earth

Hey- it IS a great flick- best I’ve seen in a long time (better than American Beauty, anyway). One interesting theory that a friend of mine has is that Ed Norton does actually meet a guy named Tyler Durden on the plane, does get his card, does call him, and after hanging up, imagines the call back, etc etc. That’s interesting, except for the fact that the point of the movie is that all males in the city, and eventually the country, join the club, so the real Durden would have eventually found out. Oh well. Hey, I’m going to start a new thread entitled “who would you fight?” That should be fun.

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Better than American Beauty?? I’ll answer your question: I’d fight YOU for saying such a blasphemous thing.

AB is the best film I’ve seen in about 20 years, bar none. Across the board perfection, without a flaw. Meaningful, funny, sad, inspirational, spiritual, deep, silly. Performacnes, writing, cinematography, music, direction. All without flaw. Perfection.

I just saw the flick so I feel compelled to revive the topic.

This is one of the coolest flicks I’ve seen in quite a while. And yes, I can see the humor.

I wonder, however, how the writer of the movie would react to reports of “fight clubs” cropping up throughout the country. If I wrote the story, I’d be thrilled.

Hell, I’m thrilled and only WATCHED the movie.

I gotta’ tell ya’, Stoidela: I’m not much of a movie-goer. I see exactly two films per year. I took my wife to see American Beauty last week based upon your recommendation. I was floored. The cast, script, direction, everything was brilliant. I can’t remember being drawn into a story and its characters.

I hereby appoint you the SD’s official movie reviewer.

Hey, I started a Fight Club thread before Stoidela did! I don’t have the link, but it was titled, See this movie!.

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Fight club was great!

Did anybody else notice “7 Years In Tibet” on a marquee? Theory: Norton’s character got the image of Tyler from seeing Brad Pitt in the movie.

I enjoyed Fight Club. It really had alot of great things going for it. Not the least of which was that fun story.
Although, I found it kind of funny to hear Brad Pitt saying “We all grow up believing we are gonna be movie stars, well we won’t”
Or something to that effect.

My theory on how Edward Norton got Brad Pitt’s image was that he passed him on the conveyor belt in the airport, and the guy’s face just kinda stuck with him. And thats who he plastered on his alter ego.

I thought, Helena Bonham Carter was excellent. Everyone is talking about the guys, but she was strung out and confused, and she did that well.

To those who are thinking about seeing it, this is a film that is high on the violence scale, so if you are queasy, might wanna skip this one.