Fight Club - Tyler Durden's plan for suicide

My apologies if this has been posted before, or if the answer is very obvious and I’m too dense to grasp it. However, wasn’t the building that Tyler Durden was in set to blow up? Was he trying to kill himself and the members of his gang? For what purpose? If that was his plan, why didn’t he just fix the bomb after ‘Jack’ diffused it?

No, the building they were in at the end was not set to blow up. That was just where they were going to watch all the mayhem from. There was no plan of suicide involved.

In the book Tyler used paraffin.
Paraffin never works.
As for the building they’re in, I thought Jack disarmed the bomb in the van (I TOLD YOU NOT TO CUT THE GREEN ONE [KICK TO THE HEAD]) which was parked in the sub basement of that building sparing them a demise.

Wasn’t there a van of high explosives in the basement of the building they were in? Jack did disarm the bomb but Tyler had to be COUNTING on that. It doesn’t make sense to me.

I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure that wasn’t the same building they were in at the end. They set explosives in several buildings around the area, but I don’t think they set them in the actual building they were watching from.

In one of the commentary tracks on the DVD, Chuck Palahniuk, who wrote the book, actually asks Jim Uhls, the screenwriter, if the building that Tyler and Jack are in was supposed to blow up.

Uhls states that the fade out/fade in–that occurs between Jack being thrown down the stairs and him coming to with the gun in his mouth–implies they’re in a different building.

In the book, the explosive is in the same building as they are. I don’t remember if that was Tyler’s intention or just because of the way the conflict between him and Jack turned out.

In the movie, Tyler’s comments about ‘the perfect view’, plus the fact that the project Mayhem boys don’t seem to be fazed about their impending deaths (willing or unwilling, they’d probably be pretty tense, and why run out to get bandages for Jack if they’re all just going to be vaporized in a moment?) indicate that they’re in a different building.

Not to mention that the building they’re in seems to be underconstruction, and the others are all complete. (Or at least have their external skins up.)

In the movie “Jack” disables the bomb but you can clearly see that Tyler puts the wire back. They are not in the same building.

In the book, it was a planned suicide. The building the were on top of was supposed to explode, and all of Project Mayhem was inside. Of course, in the book, the plan was for the building they were in to collapse on a museum or something like that, but their sacrifice is what was important. I figured it was the same way with the movie, but I was always curious why the rest of the group showed up at the very end with groceries. Sure, a party would be in order, but if you’re going to get blowed up, you might want to start early, you know? I just assumed that Tyler never fixed the bomb in the basement and just moved them upstairs, but if the director says they were in another building, I guess they were in another building.

Well, if they’re having a party in that last building, what’s to stop them from setting that particular timer, say, 15 minutes after all the others. That way they can watch the show and get pretty pissed before their time comes. Of course, this gives the more chickenshit a bit of time to really thing about what they’re doing and get the hell out of there…