Fight Club

In fight club, one of the guys was half awake and half asleep. His other side was Tyler. What is that disease or whatever it is called when your half asleep and half awake. I need the correct spelling please. I tried these but nothing came up:


kriss, in the novel and the movie the only thing jack says he suffers from is insomnia, although i’m sure you could make an argument for schizophrenia. i’ve never heard about the zombnia thing.

I jst finished watching tht movie on HBO4. I love it, even more and more every time I see it. What a great flick

Actually, I’d say he’s got split personality disorder.

Psychogenic Fugue
[li]Related to Amnesia[/li][li]Person leaves work or home and takes an excursion or trip, assumes new identity, forgets former identity, “travelling amnesia”[/li][li]Fugue patients are purposeful in their movements – escaping by leaving problems and identities behind[/li][li]Manufacture new identity[/li][/ul]
Not precisely what the Narrator displayed, but close.

Okay then, how about that whole scene in the car? I LOVED this flick, but that made NO sense in light of the outcome. It was the only scene that really loses integrity when you watch it a second time with the end already firmly planted in your brain.


I think that scene is hilarious. Imagine being one of the people in the back seat, hearing your fearless leader talking to himself.
“What is Project Mayhem?”
“Sir! The first rule of Project Mayhem is you do not talk about Project Mayhem.”
They probably didn’t show their alarm because they were used to his back and forth lunatic ravings.

Don’t talk about Fight Club!

We knew you’d say that. Now we have to cut off your balls.


You’d like that, wouldn’t you Sexy? :smiley:

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Not to mention the waste of a perfectly good piercing!