File Extention Question

A lady I’ve been chatting it up with sent me an e-mail with her picture attached to it. I’m dying to see this picture (we have a blind date this weekend), but my computer does not know what to do with this file. I’m at a loss.

My question:
Does anyone know how to open a " .max" file?

Unfortunately, my date is technically challenged and does not know what program was used to create this file. She’s still figuring out how to “use the scanner thingy”. :slight_smile:

Any help would be appreciated.

I think it might be a PaperPort document. PaperPort is an image program that comes bundled with some scanners. You can download a viewer for Mac and Windows here:

I hope that helps!

Aha!(no, not you, aha) Paperport.

I’ve had a little experience with that program. I remember it taking over my system.

Looks like what I need. Thanks!

I tried the link, and the downdloadable viewer for Windoze link does not work. Must be a problem at the site.

Anyone have Paperport on their machine? Can I e-mail the .max file to someone and have it converted to a .jpg?


I have PaperPort.

Sure. Email’s in my profile.

Well, pahdnuh, looks like thuh Turbo man beat ya to thuh draw.
Thank’s to both for your assistance.

Viva Straight Dope!