File Synchronization software


Anybody know of some good file sync software? One of my clients/users is having nothing but problems with the built in XP file syncing. He is trying to sync his network user folder (which is bloody huge, like 28 GBs) with his laptop. It doesn’t work, and while I told him 28 GB is to big and he needs to choose which folders to back up or institute some sort of file deletion policy he refuses to believe me. He is being a real jackass about this, even complaining to my boss about it. So the solution to me seems to be some sort of software independent of XP. However I have never ran into this problem before and I am wondering if any of you have some recommendations for quality file syncing software. Thanks.

There is an XP power tool called SyncToy which works really well.

You may wish to look at that. But you also need to talk to your boss about the impact of people with excessive network folders, and the issues relating to trying to copy it over the network (i.e. it’s a really bad idea to try to sync 28Gb)


Thanks. I know its a really bad idea, and I have told him this, my boss knows its a bad idea as well however this guy refuses to listen. He has more pull then I do in this company, mostly because they think IT is a stupid service that they wish they didn’t have to pay for. Since this guy is a manager he basically gets to do what he wants, regardless of the recommendation of IT.

I will look at your link, I thought about using RoboCopy as well, however for full disclosure I am somewhat in the mood to recommend something that will cost money. Money is the only way to get anyone’s attention around here.

I’ve been using Foldershare to sync maybe 60 GB or so between my desktop and laptop, no problems.