File too large for Visual C++?

(yes a geek question :slight_smile: )

So we found the other day that the .c file in our project is up to around 85,000 lines of code (all the code has to be in a single .c file due to customer requirement). An odd thing we have found is that in Visual C++ 6.0, we cannot set a breakpoint or step into code that exists after approx. line 65500 (probably 65536, I’m guessing).

Has anyone else come across this problem? Is there an option that needs to be changed? I seem to be having trouble finding support from other sources.

Thanks in advance.

My first suggestion is to break the file up into independent chunks and stitch them together with some script before sending it off to the customer who thinks it needs to be the same file.

But I digress. You could also try a different debugger, if the code is flexible enough. I believe Metrowerks made a Windows compiler/debugger around the same vintage as VC++ 6.0 - you might try that…