Free C++ compiler that can load MSDEV Projects?

MSVC++ 6.0 has been causing me major pain in its usage. I would really like to switch to some other Windows C++ gui compiler…the problem is I can’t find any that will load MSVC++ projects. Of course, they can load the actual .cpp file, but that doesn’t really help as all the dependencies are defined in the project file. The problem is that the free compilers I use go to crap when it comes to linking resources files, libraries, header includes, etc. So, I’d really like to just be able to load the project file as is, thus maintaining the necessary dependency relations.
I’m trying Dev-C++ right now, but I just can’t configure it.

I haven’t used MSVC++ 6, but you used to be able to export a project as a makefile (or nmake or something like that). That maintains the dependencies, albeit in a butt-ugly manner.

Possibly another tool would have a chance of reading the makefile. Well, you might need an edit or two, but nothing major.

Okay, now I just need a good compiler…it seems DevC++ can’t import Makefiles.

People constantly complain that Visual C++ doesn’t follow the C++ standards. You may have a rockier time than you expect.

Actually, the problems I’m having are not with the coding; the interface itself crashes/hangs like every 5 minutes.

Being a hardcore VC6 programmer at times, and having many of them working under me on it for years and years, I would say that your experience is…out of the ordinary.

Have you applied the most current service packs to it? Are you using some crappy third-party Active X things, like Sheridan or Farpoint? Or (shudder) zApp? I mean, what you describe seems to point to possibly a more fundamental problem then just VC6 being bad… :confused:

Wow, zApp is still being sold? I worked with that about 10 years ago, well maybe 8, I can’t remember the exact year. But it was under Win 3.1

In truth its probably not VC6 itself. More likely my crappy Win98 installation…I mess around with windows so much its not even funny. I’ve got so much crap from re-installed/over-installed versions its more like Windows 9ME000

Evidently – I’ve seen a couple of job postings that ask for zApp expertise, so people are still using it.

I’ll just concur and amplify this point. I’ve used MSVC 6 for years on Windows NT and 2K with almost zero problems. But recently, my job has caused me to use it on Windows 98, and in this environment MSVC crashes a lot, usually requiring a reboot. Ick.

I don’t know if it’s sold (it was bought by Roguewave), but I find it used a lot in old/legacy engineering apps of the 1990’s - you know, all those failed experiments about how “everything, everywhere will be massively cross-platform! Compile one piece of code that runs on everything from a VAX to a Mac to an Atari 2600! It’s the ‘way of the future’, don’t you know…”

Windows 98 is a pretty awful OS. First time I installed 98SE on my machine, it lasted about three weeks before I went out and bought 2000. No significant problems since.

If you want to have a more stable dev environment, back up your data, format the drive, and install Windows 2000. And then only install the software you absolutely need.

Try, it’s really for .NET, but it may work…