Filing Fed. 1040 - attach receipts?

Tax-time question:

I’m filing my 1040 with form 3903 (Moving Expenses) attached. I’m deducting storage fees for two storage units and a U-Haul rental, so I have 3 receipts. Am I required to attach a copy of the receipts with the form? Should I, even if it’s not required? Is there a greater/lesser likelyhood of an audit if I omit/attach the receipts? If I attach the receipts, can I submit copies or do I have to give the IRS the originals?

Here’s a link to Pub. 521 (PDF) from regarding form moving expenses, although I’ve read through it and it doesn’t answer my question. I’m guessing this is a general issue.

I’ve never heard of attaching receipts with a tax return. If anything, I would think it could trigger a red flag. Just keep the receipts for seven years in case you’re audited.

Don’t send receipts or other supporting documentation with your tax forms unless the instructions clearly state: “Attach XXX document”. Just send the completed IRS forms.

You are required to maintain the receipts and other supporting documentation for a period of years (7, I think). If you are audited, you’ll have to provide the receipts and other evidence at that time.

OK, thanks!

Simple question, simple answer. Mods, feel free to lock up.