Filing IN FRONT of the card not behind it.

I have a temp job and I was bored so I told them I would help out with the filing.

This drove me insane.

I had a ton of things to file and the place files all their work IN FRONT of the card.

So in other words all papers to be filed under the letter “A” go IN FRONT of the card, not behind it.

I have never heard of this before. And it drove me nuts. I kept screwing it up.

Has anyone else worked at a place where they file papers in front of the card instead of behind it?

If it’s truly a “card,” it makes sense to file behind it. If it’s a hanging folder with a label, and that label is at the back of the folder, it makes sense to file in front of the label, in the folder. Could that be where the confusion lies?

I agree with Musicat–my file cabinets at work don’t have alphabetical dividers, just hanging folders labeled as whatever, in which case the things being filed go in front of their label. But if it was something like a card catalogue my gut would be to file after the card.