Film, TV or magazine adverts showing drivers drinking alcohol to appear cool

Were there any TV, film or print adverts where supposedly cool and good looking people drove their fancy cars while drinking beer or other alcoholic drinks.

Probably in the 60s and 70s.

Do you mean an advertisement for a film? I have a poster for the original Arthur which has Dudley Moore with a martini in one hand and the steering wheel of his car in the other…

ETA: This one.

I assume you mean ads for beer or liquor showing the people drinking while driving?

I couldn’t find any in a quick search. Driving drunk was a known problem long before the 50s and 60s. Ads combining cars and liquor probably couldn’t be run in most magazines or on television.

That doesn’t mean none ever existed. But I’d be surprised if many ever appeared.

Ads that include beer and cars did exist, without the drinking aspect. On this page of Genesee beer ads is one that shows an attendant putting a case into a convertible. Scroll down in this page and you’ll see Miss Rheingold posed next to a scooter, but no beer is in sight. These ads are probably far more common.

I’m speaking only for the U.S. I don’t know what other countries might allow.

Hard liquor wasn’t advertised on American television until 1996.

According to Neil Patrick Harris (and Heineken) you can advertise beer on TV but you can’t show anyone drinking it in the ad.

AFAICT, this pretty much happens near the start of the Longest Yard trailer.

I seem to recall NASCAR competitors who are sponsored by beer companies, with the beer logo prominently plastered over their car.

And as the article says, it’s an industry created regulation, not one by the FCC or Congress.

Here is a vintage beer commercial showing 2 chaps drinking one of my favorite cheap brews, Stag.

I wonder if now days they’d be allowed to use cartoons (with the voice of Tony the Tiger no less) to advertise beer.

Or Hanna Barbera cartoons singing about how much fun drinking is.

Gotta love them old beer commercials! :cool: