Films that look good, but that you would never watch

I was just going to title this “films that you will never watch,” but I didn’t want it to be “I will never watch ________ because it looks stupid/I hate [principal actor].” I want your responses to be films whose premise you find interesting, but that you won’t watch due to squeamishness or other emotional triggers.

Me, I heavily dislike rape scenes. I’m okay with the one in A Clockwork Orange, for some reason, but for the most part realistic and especially violent ones make me squirm. So I won’t watch Irreversible, because while it looks good, I hear there’s a very long, drawn-out rape scene. Good concept, but it’s not for me.

Robin Williams makes a very specific kind of “Oh! The wonder of it all!” movie like Being Human, Jack, Jakob the Liar and Patch Adams that looks well-filmed, but I wouldn’t watch it at gunpoint. Stick to the jokes, Williams. Oscar-bait on your own time.

I like Robin Williams plenty, I just hate being talked down to in his weird way.

My doctor tells me that Robin Williams movies are the most common cause of Type 2 Diabetes.

Sweeney Todd. I love the music and the concept and the Sondheim, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed concert and fully-staged versions that suggest the gore (I’ve seen versions where the razor left a red line of paint/makeup on victims’ throats, and versions where a red streamer unrolled when the cut was made). But the movie is apparently a gorefest…buckets and buckets of blood. And I can’t deal with that. I’ve still watched non-blood scenes on youtube (A Little Priest, Johanna, etc), but I’m not going to be watching the movie proper anytime soon.

Don’t watch The General’s Daughter. My wife had to leave the theater during the rape scene.

I am not a big sports fan anyway, but I really dislike boxing. Nothing to do with the violent nature of it, I just find it boring to watch. Perhaps this is because my uncle was a big boxing fan and always had the fights on when we would visit.
This has limited me seeing a lot of films. I did see Rocky when it came out, and that was the last boxing film I think I have ever seen. I know Raging Bull is a classic, but I just can’t get myself to watch it, even when it is on cable.
Needless to say, I haven’t seen The Fighter either.
Nor have I seen Million Dollar Baby.

I wouldn’t consider Sweeney Todd a gore fest. Yes, it has a lot of blood, but other then that, there is nothing nasty. Hostel is a gorefest.

I saw a terrific stage production of Sweeney Todd at the Trafalgar Studios here in London a few years ago. Just before the play started, Sweeney came out on stage in full costume, swept his razor slowly across the whole auditorium and said that if ANYONE let their cellphone ring during the performance, he’d be down there to open their throats for 'em.

From that moment on, we had the best behaved audience you’ve ever seen.

I second this and for the same reasons.

I won’t watch a film that I know has a vomiting scene in it. That’s not always something you can predict as they’re often just included in a movie, for, well, I don’t know what reason. We’ve even had threads about great movies you’ll never watch again and “The Reader” is right at the top of my list. Along with “Stand By Me” and others that I can’t think of at the moment.

That’s not the most gut wrenching scene in the movie, by far. I almost stopped the movie when the scene I’m thinking of came about, I’m glad I didnt. It’s definitely a movie worth watching. Though I dont think I’ll ever be able to watch it again.

I think I know what scene you’re referring to and that’s another thing that will deter me. The rape scene doesn’t sound pleasant, but for whatever reason doesn’t bother me, but no way no how I do want to see

some dude’s face get graphically shmooshed with a fire extinguisher.

i mentioned this in the “can only watch once” thread - Dear Zachary

Yep WOOKINPANUB, that was the scene, it was so fucking violent, probably one of the most violent thing I’ve ever seen in a movie, I paused my DVD, and got to thinking if I dont push Play now, I will never muster the guts to watch the movie again. As I really liked Noe’s previous movie, I managed to find the balls to keep on.
Never had that kind of experience with any other movie.

I doubt that I will ever be able to watch Schindler’s List, no matter how many times I tell myself to just do it already.

I haven’t seen Schindler’s list and won’t watch it either, and I won’t watch Irreversible.

I know the Shawshank Redemption is supposed to be a great movie, but I won’t watch it because I intensely dislike prison movies.

Does that include puppets? Don’t watch Team America… :smiley:

I’ve never seen Requiem for a Dream, and I probably never will, even though I love Darren Aronofsky’s work. I’ve had friends who had drug problems, and I just don’t want to be reminded.

“Requiem” is heart wrenching and depressing on a lot of levels, but reality aint one of 'em, at least not in this recovered addict’s opinion.