Films with FPS sequences

I saw Doom over the weekend, a laugh if nothing else. Just wondering, are there any other films with first person perspective shots or scenes?

Examples being The Hitch-Hiker, Spellbound, Terminator, Dirty Dozen, Saving Private Ryan (sniper views)

LADY IN THE LAKE (1947) has Robert Montgomery as the voice of Philip Marlowe, but the entire movie is shot from Philip Marlowe’s first-person point of view. That’s gotta be the most extreme.

At the other end, lots of movies (Hitchcock especially likes them) use first person point-of-view single shots. REAR WINDOW is lots of (1) shot of Jimmy Stewart looking out the window; cut to (2) shot of what he sees; cut to (3) reaction shot of Jimmy Stewart. The opening of REBECCA is a first person dream-sequence, “Last night I dreamt we returned to Manderley…” I assume you’re looking for whole scenes, not just single shots.

Tons of Friday the 13th type movies switch to the point of view of the killer as he stalks the kids. Common horror technique.

I believe the proper terminology for that is the subjective camera technique.

Didn’t the film “High Sierra” (NOT to be confused with "Treasure of the Sierra Madre), starring Humphrey Bogart feature a great deal of subjective camera shots?

That reminds me of Silence of the Lambs, where we saw Jodie Foster through Jamie Gumb’s night vision googles.

What about those “The Continental” sketches with Christopher Walken on Saturday Night Live? I believe those are based on a real daytime TV show from the 50’s.

The first half of of the Humphery Bogart movie “Dark Passage” was shot entirely from his point of view. Then he gets plastic surgery to hide him from the police and make him look like the Bogey we all know and love, at which point the movie is shot normally.

And it’s a good movie to boot.

And arguably, the movie “The Blair witch project” was full of First Person shots.

THAT’S the movie - “Dark Passage”.
I thought it was “High Sierra”. :smack:
Thanks for that posting.

Just watched part of The Graduate last night, and there’s the sequences from his POV when he’s underwater, looking through the scuba mask.

Android has a first-person scene.

Firefly used this in the episode Out of Gas.

As I recall, the movie House of the Dead showed some scenes from the video game (from a FPS perspective). But, I’ll be damned if I’m gonna watch that movie again to verify.

Strange Days has some very pointed first-person camera work depicting virtual reality replays recorded from somebody’s experiences, where the camera actually “looks down” and you see POV’s body.

MASH had an entire episode shot in first person from a patient’s point of view… Odlly enough it was named “Point of View”.

Snake Eyes with a very long, uninterrupted FPS sequence. Unfortunately, the story peters out not too long after that.

Snake Eyes starts with a very long, uninterrupted FPS sequence. Unfortunately, the story peters out not too long after that.

House of the Dead definitely had a few video game sequences.

I think Being John Malkovich had a few scenes inside Malkovich’s head?

Did “The Beach” have a scene where Leonardo DiCaprio imagined himself in a cartoony video game?

I think a few of the Alien and Predator movies let you see out of the eyes of those creatures. Same with the Terminator and Robocop films. Seems like quite a few sci-fi films like the technique.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1931) opens with a subjective shot as Dr. Jekyll rides in his coach and is greeted by passersby. One of the transformation sequences is also done in the subjective as he looks in the mirror.

Director F.W. Murnau uses a subjective camera in The Last Laugh (1925) when Emil Janning’s character gets drunk and sees the room spinning around him.

I was thinking of The Beach as well, but I don’t recall whether or not featured a first person PoV. I can definitely recall the scene having the camera directly in front of him while he ran, though, kind of like the Crash Bandicoot chase sequences.

Dead Again has another first-person viewpoint during the hypnotic historial regression scenes. It is another scene (like Strange Days) where the camera/POV “looks down” and we, the audience, see “our” body.

Go see the movie, it’s cool.