Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

For all the dopers who love FF7 as much as I do.

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children is scheduled for a 2004 release. It is announced as a dvd movie taking place 2 years after the end of FF7. Cloud and Sephiroth are the only two confirmed characters.

Looks like it’s going to be similar to the Final Fantasy: Spirits Within movie but with FF7 characters. I hope they get this movie right.

Link to a picture and the new logo.

So, what do you all think?

PS Could someone who understands japanese check out this site? At least, I think it’s in japanese. My computer doesn’t display that language.

Well thank goodness. Finally I get some closeure from this game.

I liked “Spirits Within” so I’ll probably like it as will most fans of the series. I think we in the US will have a hard time seeing it though. Good thing Japan is NTSC. But boy will this be expensive.

Woot, the Spirits Within blew chunks, but they’d have to work hard to screw FF7 up.

I vote for suckitude.

While there are many ways this could be cool, there are an equal number of ways that some of their audience could end up getting their panties in a wad over it, either because it doesn’t fit their preconcieved notions of what happened, and/or because they erroneously interpret the original ending to mean that humanity was wiped out by Meteor. Expect much whining in that regard. :slight_smile:

On the other hand, this might mean we’ll actually get to see Yuffie and Vincent in the ending!

Are we even certain (considering the disaster TSW was) that this will be released in the US?

Yes also I hope there’s no allstar voice cast like Roz from Frasier. The Spirits Within wasn’t that terrible, I just hope I never see it again. I think its only fault was that it went the way of the later FFs, with too much guns and science and not enough swords and sorcery.

Oooh…shudder …Sephiroth… passes out

Oh ye of little faith… :wink:

Anyone notice the screenshot in the lower corner on the picture I linked? I don’t seem to recognize that from anywhere in the game. Can someone help me out?

Are advent children anything like advent calendars?

I think I can see Aeris laying behind Cloud there. My guess would be the showdown in the Ancient City or whatnot, where Aeris… uh… you know, and you fight one of the many incarnations of Jenovah. (And get the Prayer … hope… life… white Materia, what’s it called?)

Sepiroth makes a pretty big speech there, I think that’s a cut from it.

Holy! I looked it up. ^^;

They mentioned this on Pulse, a show on G4TV. I didn’t catch what they said but it was at the very end of the show and over the credits the ran scenes from the movie with that dynamic choral music. Not surprisingly it looked as good as any FFX movie. Most of the scenes involved a sword fight between Cloud and Sephie. I don’t know when or if it will rerun.

Wow… Thanks to you.
Wow… Heh… Wow…

I hope they do this justice.
As much as people love to be all righteous indignant about their games and stuff… I say screw that.

I would love a remake of FF 5-8.
9 can stay like it is, I think its great.
But I would love to see the others done up in modern technology.

I can’t wait to see it. And buy it.
I liked FF:TSW. It needed better facial expressions and better writing. But I thought the movie was breath-taking.

Concerning the FF7:Advent Children: Yes please.

No problem, BytopianDream. :wink:

Judging from what Fern Forest said, it looks like choral-type music will be in the movie as well. I really loved the music in FF7 and I hope it is included in the sequel.

They just played it again on G4. All they said before showing the clip was that it was scheduled for release in 2004 and that it was going to pick up just after the end of the game. In the clips you could hear they were still speaking Japanese so I suppose they’re probably still working on the English voice acting. I wonder if they’ll get the same VAs that they had with Kingdom Hearts.

Speaking of KH, KHII lead off the Pulse show and I’m very relieved that it will be a sequel picking up where the first one left off and not set too far in the future. I wonder how they’ll fit in the Final Fantasy characters into it. It’d be pretty awesome to have Cloud fight alongside Sora.

Pulse might play again starting in 45 minutes. I can’t tell if it’s the repeat or a new episode.

I have no Pulse. :frowning:

If they’re speaking Japanese in that clip then that would mean most of the movie is already finished. I believe with CG movies the voices are done last. Unless that was just a demo clip. Either way, I can’t wait to see this movie.

I like Cloud’s looks so much better in these shots than in the game. I just dread another Spirits Within disaster.

I’ve been wanting them to do a ChronoTrigger/Chrono Cross movie for SO LONG now.

The trailer is making the rounds on the internet. I believe they all originate from the same Tokyo gaming show that just happened. Just do a google search and you should find some place that has it.

I finally found sites hosting the trailer for free. Try here or here. Enjoy!

Lynn, a Chrono Trigger/Cross movie would absolutely kick ass. Chrono Trigger remains, to this day, my favorite game. I suppose FF7 would be a close second, seeing as how I’m the one that started this thread. :slight_smile: I think they would have to finish Chrono Break before even contemplating a movie though.