Final Fantasy X - Boss Level

I arrived at a boss level in Final Fantasy X I just can’t pass. This post is my last effort to give it a try:
It’s the ‘Al Bed machina’ CRAWLER boss i can’t pass. Any tips to defeat this boss ?

Could you just remind me at what point in the game this boss appears? Is this the one during the Blitzball tournament in Luca?

Go for the little flying thingy first and kill it. If you have Haste, cast it on a few characters. Have Wakka pound the flying thingy and Auron chop away at the crawler. Keep everyone with high HP (so use one character to heal people on their turn), because the attack are infrequent, but they take lots of HP in one shot. Once the flying thingy is gone (it will come back, btw), bring out Lulu and use Thundara and Fira on the crawler. Keep trying, as long as you learn from your mistakes, you’ll get through. Good luck!

Here is a good walkthrough if you’re ever REALLY stuck. It goes by sections, so you can just click on the section you need help with, and remain spoiler-free for the rest.

This is in the ice level, right? I think you have Rikku, if you do, use steal on it and she’ll steal a component to it, screwing it up.

Your best luck would be trying to use Lulu’s lightning spells on it. Machina don’t react well to that. Always use potions when need (a given). Also if you have any spells like cheer or haste, you them on your party. Good luck.

I just started a new game because I couldn’t get past the final boss.

It’s at Lake Macalania, just after the thunder plains. It’s basically a tank with a gatling gun and a device NEGATOR thats disables all magic

I tried using steal on it and all I got were frag grenades (I think, IIRC). That only works on the machina in the Calm Lands and Gagazet.

It took me a 40-minute long battle to beat the Final Boss. I didn’t have the legendary weapons or anything, but it didn’t matter. It was my first video game that I’d ever played, and it was so rewarding to win!

Oh yeah, now I remember that slut. Make sure to cast haste and cheer before it disables magic. Aside from that Auron’s got a huge sword for a reason.

Yeah, it’s a marathon for me. But I always die once she starst casting zombie on everyone. And zombie wards are few for me. I’ll either have someone spoil the end for me (which I really don’t want) or set aside an hour or so to just this one battle.

Use Wakka’s attack to hit the negator. If your levels decent, he can kill it in a couple hits. Use everyone else to damage the tank until it launches another negator. Repeat this until it’s dead.

And Mercutio, that’s not the final boss. You’ve still got a little ways to go after that fight.

you’re telling me Lady Yunalesca isn’t the final boss?

Nope! Remember who the summoners (and the Crusaders) are planning to fight? The reason behind the pilgrimage?

Crap! Could I get a mod to remove the last two sentences of my previous post?

Man, I am SO fucked.

Good thing I started a new game and am actually taking the time to search new areas and level up.

For what it’s worth, Mercutio, the boss you got stuck on might not be the final boss, but she was far and away the toughest fight in the game.

Ahem. I believe the word you were looking for is “spooned”. :smiley:

The key to absolute powergaming in FFX is the arena. One-Eye is a particularly important target, as he drops weapons that are excellent for gaining AP in addition to +4 magic defense spheres. Other arena monsters drop other max stat spheres, and you can buy clear spheres (which erase existing stat spheres) from the guy at the door after you’ve captured enough critters. You blow out wimpy little spheres, then replace them with +4s and reactivate them. It doesn’t take long to get insanely high stats that way.

Another important thing to do is to get each character’s legendary weapon and at least half-activate it. All of them except for Tidus’ Caladbolg add Break Damage Limit to one Aeon, even if they’re not equipped.

Aw, Mercutio, she ain’t so bad, as long as at least one of your party is a zombie. Zombie makes them immune to her other attack, so you can always have at least one party member standing. I made it Auron or Wakka or someone else with high HP, so that I didn’t have to worry about healing them for two turns. In short, do not heal your entire party after the Hellbiter attack. And use your Aeon’s overdrives on her. You’ll have plenty of time to charge them up again for the next time you’ll need them.

I should probably clarify that I meant “heal them of their status affliction”, not heal them.

Also, you should really check out the walkthrough I linked to in my first post. It helps you remain spoiler-free!

More walkthroughs:

I gave up & used a GS :slight_smile:

It’s funny, but I didn’t have that hard of a time at Lady Yunalesca. After she whooped up on me the first time, I gave a few Zombie Ward items to some people, and she became my bitch.

IIRC, I kept Yuna out the whole time as a healer, and alternated one of my fighters with Lulu every now and then for a good jolt of magic. Other than that, I just beat her to death with my fighters.

Still can’t beat the boss. If Wakka kills Negator,
Yuna’s AEONS are blown away with one stroke and finally all my characters are blown away by the Mana beam. sigh. GO.