Final Fantasy X for the Play Station 2

A friend of mine had lent me the game Final Fantasy x for the PlayStation 2. The problem is he hasn’t provided the instruction booklet. He says he hasn’t got it and I should be able to figure out the gameplay myself. The problem is I can’t. Which is stupid. Can anybody help me out please.:smiley:

I’m sure that in Cafe Society, people would have the answer :wink: - some faqs have instructions.

Well, you pretty much just run around and follow the story for the first 8 hours or so. Whenever you want to “click” on anything, hit “x”.

In battle, use the menu to pick what you want to do.

Fight(attacks the enemy physicaly)
Magic(uses magic)
Item(uses item).

The sphere grid you use to level up will be explained in an in-game tutorial.

In the upper right corner of the screen, it shows who goes when in battle. That’s about it.

Often if you look at the game manf web site they have instructions too…but is cool