Final Scene of the Bourne Identity

Does anyone know where that little whitewashed Mediterranean town is? It just sits on the lip of the sea and is so pretty and picturesque it almost seems like it might be either computer generated or enhanced.

Mykonos Greece is listed as one of the filming locations, so that would be my guess. For film locations you can always check the International Movie Data Base. Enter the name of the film and then search through the filming locations on the left.

If you go there can you find out if Franka Potenta is still working in that little cafe?

Just one nitpick there, ShibbOleth… That’s the Internet Movie Database, not International. :slight_smile:

It’s actually the Internet Movie Database.

I’ve looked, and looked, and can’t find any reference to a list of filming locations. Where is this?

OHHH, you have to actually search for the movie FIRST, then you can see the “Movie Locations” link on the left.