Finally an answer from the great sages (then the link was closed)

Finally get an answer to why my OP was closed! Nobody told me it was because they deemed it illegal till the 3rd post. Thought fighting ignorance wouldn’t be so circuitus (sp?)

Oops, criticized a moderator. Let’s see how long my ID stands.

Thought the 1st amendment was respected here. Oh, well. Off to the other boards loaded with “fuck” “asshole” “shithead” , etc.

That was said wrong. Sorry, just fired up.

I never meant for anyone to tell me how to break the law re:RIAA I was trying to get info on how to bait them, as in what are they looking for?
Sorry for the confusion

Um, baiting them is against the law, dumbass.

I didn’t know that the SDMB was run by the government…

The first amendment says “Congress shall pass no law…” not “The SDMB admins shall make no rule…”

Seriously, if you want to post here, respect the rules. Discussions of the nature you appear to want aren’t welcome here. Whether it’s technically breaking the law or not, The Chicago Reader, the owner of this message board, doesn’t want any trouble from the SDMB. Encouraging lawsuits encourages trouble.

OK, I back off.

FWIW, I was only asking for the reason a post wasn’t allowed. I KNOW that the board doesn’t want a lawsuit. I’m not stupid. First Amendment was brought up because it took me so long to get a reason from the site why the posts were wrong to post here. Thought the reason for a ban would be conjoined with the notice of said ban.

When a moderator tells me what was wrong with a post, I let it go, but fight when it’s done out of hand and don’t know what to do.

The first RIAA post was to GQ and Manhatten told me it was the wrong forum. Go ahead and check it out, it’s still on GQ threads. No mention it was banned alltogether.

I’ll cease to bring it up again here.


Depending on how its done, I’m not so sure. If I want to have a file on my computer called “The White Album,” what business is that of the RIAA? Especially if that file doesn’t contain any copyrighted music.

There’s a serious debate which ought to be taking place that’s not. The music industry isn’t defending its rights so much as it is defending its business model. The RIAA is really trying to push the envelope and demonstrating that they’ve pushed it too far is a legitimate exercise.

BTW, I have no opinion on the specific complaint in the OP.

Oh, YOU again. Look, buster, when you get banned, that does NOT mean “create another screen name and start posting again.” It means that if you want to resume posting, you email one or more administrators and plead your case.

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