Finally! An unbiased article about E-cigarettes!

Article by Harold Wimmer. President and CEO of the American Lung Association.

This is so over the top, it’s laughable! I commend you CNN, for your unbiased reporting.

I would quote from the article, but really, the whole thing reads like a paranoid delusion.

So, an opinion piece expresses… an opinion? Holy smoke!

This is the kind of argument that everyone seems to be making these days (not just about e-cigs, but diet, etc.) Basically that if we don’t have all the facts, we should choose the most conservative direction, even if there is no good reason to. Even if vaccines cause autism in 1 of 10,000 children, what if it prevents potentially fatal disease in 250 of 10,000 kids. They’re operating on logical fallacies, and I admit to possibly doing that as well and tuning out questioned opinions that are paired with false ones or ones that use weasel words to sell it.

They make Froot Loop and cake flavored vodka, but nobody says they are marketing to children, just to people with poor taste. Adults are allowed to enjoy sweet things too.

“including an ingredient used in anti-freeze”… is that ethylene glycol or something? Guess what, antifreeze and e-cigs also contain dihydrogen monoxide, which Hitler used.

One of the main problems I have with this guy is he commends New York city for banning the use of E-cigs indoors. With out even touching on proprietor’s rights, the city of New York has basically taken away a big incentive for smokers to switch to E-cigs. Maybe not the perfect option, but one much more preferable to smoking cancer sticks.

I mean, think about it, you’re a smoker, you’re sitting in a bar hating life because you have to go outside in the cold if you want to smoke. Meanwhile, your best buddy is having the time of his life puffing away on his e-cig, all nice and warm inside the bar, while bothering no one.* Sad Smoker might quickly decide to give E-cigs a try for that very reason. Thanks to New York, that’s not going to happen for a lot of people.
*I know there are some folks out there who say they are bothered by second hand vapors, but in my experience, these people are a limited few. Most people don’t give a damn. In fact, I find most people to be more curious than offended by it. YMMV.

I commend this post for both its content and its punnistry.

Propylene glycol, actually, a significantly more benign substance than ethylene glycol.

But nicotine is far from harmless, and I think I would be at least a little concerned about second-hand vapor – at least with second-hand smoke you recognize what it is.

From what I’ve read/heard, it takes relatively large doses of nicotine before the effects become harmful. I don’t think second hand vapor comes anywhere near that level.

Thanks I switched those, although the internet suggests both (probably BS).

Nicotine can kill you if you take a concentrated dose, but as far as tobacco goes it’s one of the less harmful ingredients. I don’t think nicotine is implicated as the problem in second hand smoke either.

It’s actually kind of nasty, luckily smoking isn’t a very effective conduit:

While I would much rather have people smoking e-cigs, anything other than air going into the lungs can possibly damage them, or trigger an asthma attack or even an allergy attack depending on what is in the solution. I would prefer not to have anybody puffing anything around me. But in the grand scheme of things, I would rather have an e-cig smoked near me if they must smoke.

He can have my e-cig when he pries it from my cold, dead lips.

I’m not a smoker, but I don’t like the crusade against E-cigs that is forming. I have not actually met anyone using one, but I have to imagine that water and propylene glycol vapor has to be more pleasant than the secondhand smoke I’m used to. What I hated about going to a casino, for instance, was the smell of smoke that would stick to you. Most smokers at the tables were considerate about it, but it simply gets everywhere. But I can’t see how I can be against something that delivers an active ingredient–nicotine–in a manner that has no effect on me. I suspect that if all smokers switched to vaping it would be a good thing for public health.

Get a bunch of vapers around and you won’t see that blue cloud hanging in the air. If you’ve ever tried to relieve your sinuses by using a vaporizer or a pan of boiling water, you have to get right into it, use something to contain the steam, or it’s gone. The tiny traces of nicotine that are expelled in the steam sink like a rock in the cooling air. I’m far more worried about people who wipe their noses and then touch doorknobs. Shoot, you hold the vapor in your mouth and it disappears within seconds.

So, can I use my e-cig that doesn’t look like a cigarette, isn’t sweet, and doesn’t have nicotine?

I certainly do.

“It’s not as bad as secondhand smoke” is not a great selling point for e-cigarettes.

I don’t care what choices nicotine addicts make, I just don’t want their secondhand smoke or vapors inflicted on me in enclosed spaces.

FDA regulation will help protect not only the non-“vapers”, but those who use the products too (most of these are made in China, and it’s a touching sort of faith among users that nothing those folks manufacture could possibly contain harmful ingredients/adulterants). :dubious:

I saw my first (and only) vaper a year or so ago in the immigration line at the San Jose Costa Rica airport. Based on one incident I made several observations and conclusions:
1). I couldn’t smell anything unusual; no actual combustion seemed to be involved.
2). By means of a breath-synchronized glowing tip and emission of a visible vapor, e-cig marketers made damn sure that it reminded others of a real cigarette (although its appearance is like a sanitized cartoon of one). Compared to a nicotine patch, it’s a fashion statement.
3). The person employed several fashion statements to assert his individuality (exactly in the manner of a teen, although he was considerably older).
4) I noticed and remembered him.

OK, it’s a LOT more benign than a wearing tattoo of a swastika. Don’t know the role of propylene glycol, but it I believe it is a common food additive; you probably inhale as much if you burn the toast. Boys (of any age) WILL be boys, and will engage in attention-getting, potentially harmful, behavior. Most survive.

Let’s put things in perspective. Out of all the bad things an average person does in a day, inhaling someone else’s second hand vape, probably doesn’t even rank in the top ten.

Go ahead and puff on a rubber penis shaped e-cig’s and see who dares to tell you don’t have a right to be a peter puffer. :smiley: I’m not even going link to this thing. :eek:

Be happy I’m only slapping you around, I could be kicking your balls.

Seriously, you don’t see a problem with kids smoking Bazooka Bubble Gum, Cap’n Crunch and Cotton Candy flavored e-cigs?