Finally found an online dating site I might consider

I’ve been a member of a few online dating sites for years, but I’ve never actually met anyone through them, beyond an email or two. The laundry list of hobbies and interests on a typical profile bores and intimidates me at the same time. I’ve never come across a “perfect” match for me, so I never know how to be myself and still score with a majority of the other person’s black-and-white bullet points.

So I’m thinking of trying this site:

Now, even to me, it seems weird that a socially awkward person such as myself would consider going on a completely blind date set up by a computer. But I think it’s the fact that it completely lowers expectations (hey, wasn’t that an SNL skit about a dating service?) and thus the pressure to be anything but myself. Maybe I’m BSing myself, but I’m intrigued that the concept doesn’t really frighten me, unlike every other form of dating.

Anyone else curious about trying it? If I bite the bullet I’ll definitely report back.

Since it’s run by the same people who run OKCupid, do you like the members of that site and how that site is run? I don’t know anything about either, so I’m just a curious onlooker.

I’d be interested to see how things turn out for you.

Have fun!

It’s an interesting idea. I might be willing to try it out if they had my city.

Dang. If I hadn’t already met someone on OKCupid, I would be all over that. (also, not in my city). Seriously, that sounds like a great time to me, but I love going out and meeting new people.