Finally googled 'How old is the bus driver?'

This was a brain teaser given to my pre-calc class the day after finals in my senior year(1988) of high school. Nobody got it.

I still had to click hint. :smack:

I’ve spoilered the link because it may or may not lead to a site of questionable integrity. Proceed at your own risk.

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A link to an active server page on an Italian server makes me hesitant, even when posted by a long-time user. Just sayin’.

My bad. I post from a ps3 so I don’t think about viruses and such. It was the first result.

At the first stop you pick up 8 people (you already have 3 on the bus). at the second stop you drop off 4 and pick up 12. at the third stop you pick up 2 and drop off 10. How old is the bus driver?

Ah, I got it. Good one.

Old riddle in many forms. I got it before I clicked on the link. :slight_smile:

Yeah, that’s an oldie but a goodie. I love that type of thing, that exposes “bugs” in the human brain.

I’ve heard that one so long ag that I couldn’t even tell you if I got the answer right the first time, though I remember it was posed as, “What’s the bus driver’s name.” What I’m wondering is who tells a brain teaser and then doesn’t ever give the answer? Maybe your pre-calc teacher was still hoping you would tumble to the solution eventually.


34. In my case, that is. Your mileage may vary.

Any prices for getting it right away?

Italian? .il is Israel, so it must be kosher :smiley:

But the grammar and spelling are terrible, and the “riddle” wouldn’t fox a 10-year-old.

I can’t tell, (as I already knew the answer), but I think telling it like that with the constantly repeating “you” makes it too easy. I’ve generally heard it as “you’re the driver of a bus, at the first stop 6 passengers…”, with the “you” only used at the beginning.

I don’t remember the wording of the riddle we got but I do remember starting to add up the passengers before getting to the question.

Seriously, not one single person in your calc class got that? That’s hard to believe.

If the answer is supposed to be my age , then why it does not seem obvious to me must be a local dialect thing. If someone said to me On the bus this morning, did you pick up my brother? there’s no way I interpret that question to mean I was driving.

As Mr Shine noted, if the riddle starts “You are the driver” that makes it a different question.

Now that we’ve figured this one out, can we work on how many sacks, cats & wives were going to St. Ives?

The riddle was given out near the end of class. We were supposed to approach the teacher and tell him the answer once we got it. Everyone was trying to figure it out and then the bell rang.

Also the riddle in the OP only has a you in the beginning like Mr. Shine said. The grammarless, mispelled version was copied from a yahoo answer when my PS3 wouldn’t load the original link. OP was from a PS4.

It depends.

The real question is how many were going to Altoona? (If anyone picks up that reference, I’ll be vastly impressed. Of course, this is the SDMB, so it is possible.)

How many people POGO’d to Altoona, Pennsylvania?

What color is the bear?

A bear walks ten miles south, ten miles west, and ten miles north, and ends up in the same place it started.