Gah! Help me save face with my ex (A/K/A the Klingon)

The bastard sent me this and apparently I’m not as smart as I think. Help!!!

This is a real math problem so don’t say that the bus has no legs. There is an excel spread sheet attached that requires a password. The password is the answer to the math question. I keep coming up with 9,618 but that’s not right. :frowning:


There are 7 girls on a bus
Each girl has 7 backpacks
In each backpack, there are 7 big cats
for every big cat there are 7 little cats

Question: How many legs are there in the bus?

Bus driver does not count

Try 14 - It doesn’t mention the backpacks + cats are on the bus.

2 X 7 Girls = 14 legs
7 girls X 7 backpacks X 7 big cats X 4 = 1372 legs
7 girls X 7 backpacks X 7 big cats X 7 little cats X 4 legs = 9604 legs
Total = 10990


I get 10,990

7 gals (14 legs)
342 big cats (1372 legs)
2401 little cats (9604 legs)

7 girls * 7 backpacks = 49 backpacks
49 backpacks * 7 big cats = 343 big cats
343 big cats * 7 little cats = 2401 little cats

2401 little cats * 4 legs = 9604 legs on little cats
343 big cats * 4 legs = 1372 legs on big cats
7 girls * 2 legs = 14 legs on little girls

9604 little cat legs + 1372 big cat legs + 14 girl legs = 10990 legs


nevermind. Snarky removed. :smiley:

You sure it’s not some smartass answer like “Buses don’t have legs”?

I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! 10,990 it is! Mwah!!!

7 girls * 2 legs each = 14 (k of g in a f p d).

ETA: So what’s the spreadsheet say?

That was my answer.

What did I win?

Personally I don’t understand how seven girls can carry around seven backpacks each with big cats in ‘em. And what, the busdriver is allowin’ little cats to just run around everywhere?

What I want to know is, just where are the parents and why is the busdriver allowin’ such nonsense!

And people wonder what’s wrong with society these days! :smiley:

so what was in the excel sheet?

Yep, it’s a real question.

It’s just some silly graphics and the answer plus a column for your name so you can reply to all with the brag.

My everlasting admiration! :smiley:

swampy, you such a funny bear!

All riddles are. That doesn’t change the fact that the guy on his way to St. Ives was by himself or that the third word in the -gry question is “language.”