Kozmik, pass 4th Grade before you post about Math

GD now contains the most inane thread I have ever seen here. Our friend Kozmik, for reasons unknown, is making it blatantly clear that he does not have a good 7th graders understanding of math. Ordinarily I’d pity him for this, since his job prospects are limited (though he’d be a good budget planner for the current administration) but he doesn’t respond to the many courteous and helpful corrections to his errors.

So, for all posters in this thread who have restrained themselves, this one’s for you.

Kozmik, you’re a fucking imbecile. Shut up, learn what a variable is, and don’t act like no one else could possible understand irrational numbers. My dog does better math than you.

I’m confused. Is Kozmic supposed to pass 4th grade or 7th grade? Is this the numerical equivalent of Gaudere’s law?

Hey, I’d like to see you type out all those posts without spilling bong water on your keyboard. It’s harder than it looks, you know.

As an alternative to Kozmik not having gotten past elementary arithmetic at school, my hypothesis would be that he’s high on some illegal substance (or ethanol-based beverages).


I resemble that remark.

This will only end in taped glasses and tears.

I nominate this statement as the single most poignant and hilarious sentence EVER. :smiley:

Well, there are worse fates than being pitted. Legend has it that the first guy who discovered that the hypotenuse of an isosceles right triangle was incomensurable with its legs was drowned by his fellow Pythagoreans, who had based their religion on the theory that any number could be expressed as the ratio of two whole numbers.

Note to self: do not found religion based on unproven mathematical hypotheses.

Crap, I was going to type that exact same thing.

Both 4th and 7th were written deliberately. 7th is more accurate, but 4th looked better in the title. :slight_smile: I’m sure deconstructionists could tell me what I really meant, though.

Now, let’s not start giving anyone ideas.

Note to self: Do not argue with people who believe in a religion based on unproven mathematical hypotheses.

5.5th grade?

If 7th - 4th = 0…
OhOh-ohoh…mmyy eeyyees juuusst crrossedd uupp…

What will he be like when he learns about complex numbers… shudders…

Maybe it’s a Kozmik joke?

He will demand that you prove i[sup]2[/sup] = i[sup]2[/sup].

heh. four-eyes…

It is not four eyes unless |i| = 2. Otherwise it is just square eyes.

If i=10, we’re gonna start calling you Argus.

Actually it’s -1=-1 in that i=square root of -1, thus i[sup]2[/sup] = -1