Finally! Grammar is really useful!

“Men who use ‘whom’ [in their online dating profile] get 31% more contacts from the opposite sex.”

From WIRED: how to create the perfect online dating profile.

Does it matter whether they use it correctly? “I’m looking for a woman whom really knows whom she is.”

So correct grammar can get you layed.

It’s only logical. Women prefer men who really know how to conjugate.

Women prefer a cunning linguist over a master debater any time. :smiley:

Really. Is it the usage of good grammar, or the false pretense of being intelligent? I notice that people who aren’t too smart but want to appear to be hypercorrect their words. Over use of “whom.” Substituting “me” for “I” because they were taught to say “Alice and I did…” in school, but don’t realize that “…tell it to Bob and I” is different.

Or on the Bachelor, which I unwillingly have on in the background sometimes, they say shit like “it’s Carol and I’s problem.” Pronounced “eye-ziz.”

This reminds me of OkTrends, which analyzed data from Ok Cupid dating profiles and found some rather interesting, well, trends. Pity it hasn’t been updated for a while.

AARRRGGHHH! Nails, meet chalkboard.

More contacts than whom?

Bausch & Lomb?

Maybe supermarkets will start carrying this amongst the Fabio-bedecked bodice rippers?

Oooo, baby, ba-da-BING!

Estne volumen in toga, an solum tibi libet me videre?

Is that a scroll in your toga or are you just happy to see me?

Look! Look with your special eyes!