Finally happened

Some of you will remember when I Pitted Oregon’s weather for being sucky, and vowed to leave the state. Well, it took a while, but it finally happened. You are looking at [a post authored by] a brand new inhabitant of San Bernardino County, California. Can’t be more specific than that until a living situation falls into place and I can get out of this RV. In the meantime my only internet access is through libraries.

Otherwise, it’s great to be here! :smiley:

Welcome to the county…there’s a few of us around here. Some of it isn’t a bad place.

Glad to have ya! We need all the smart people we can get! :slight_smile:

I was born in Portland, OR. We moved to the SF Bay Area when I was five years old. My parents grew up in and around Portland. One of the reasons they wanted to move was because of the all that %#*&@ rain.

I haven’t been up there for thirty years, and I hear that Portland is a beautiful and progressive city, but I would not be able to put up with that kind of weather.

Welcome to sunny California.

Well thanks for the welcomes everyone, but nothing fell into place in CA. So I am now in Las Vegas. The lights are very pretty and those animated LED signs are everywhere! Now this rain better stop; there’s an eclipse tonight. :smiley: