Finally! "My Life Is Brilliant..." A Singer Looks Exactly Like I Thought He Would

I have only recently been hearing the song “You’re Beautiful” (opening lyric is “My life is brilliant…”) I like the song, but never knew who sang it and formed a picture in my head of what the guy looked like.

Today I Googled the song and found out it was by a guy named James Blunt (again, I had never heard of him - I live a sheltered life) and then I Googled his picture.

TaDa! The guy looked exactly, and I mean exactly as I pictured him - just from hearing the song. Granted, the accent was a bit of a giveaway, and using the stereotype process of elimination from the accent I was probably going in the right direction, but still…hair style, eyes, face, body type…I could have drawn a picture of this guy just from hearing his voice!

OK - not earth shattering, but I was impressed with myself.

And he is following in the grand tradition of ordinary looking pop/rock star gets the gorgeous model (e.g., Ric Ocasek and Paulina, Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley, etc.) by dating Petra Nemcova.

I wonder if his pickup line was, “You’re beautiful…”

My favorite thing about the guy: he’s a former British Army Captain, and commanded 30,000 British troops in Kosovo.

I don’t think the British had that many troops in Kosovo, the whole multi-national KFOR force peaked around 50,000 men. And considering he was a captain, maybe you should drop at least a couple of zeroes anyway… :wink:

Ric Ocasek is NOT ordinary-looking. He could be tapped to play The Vulture in Spider-Man IV with absolutely no problems…

Whoops…30,000 NATO troops. You’re right, though “commanded” isn’t exactly the right word. He led a column into Pristina.

Arg…make that “You’re right, though, “commanded” isn’t exactly the right word. He led a column into Pristina.”

Apparently when Paulina fist saw him she thought he was the sexiest man she had ever seen. ::boggle::

Eh, that’s nothing. Ric Ocasek led a column into Paulina…

Especially compared to the other men listed, I think James Blunt is fox but that is probably just me.

:: shudders ::

His looks are, as DMark suggests, exactly appropriate to his music.

:: shudders again for emphasis ::

Eh, apparently I have strange taste in mens.

That was a funny line. Just wanted to give you props for that.

Slightly aside, you can check out Weird Al’s parody of that song here. There’s many more link locations listed on Weird Al’s site.

Just my opinion. I’ve never heard anyone discuss his looks one way or the other before, so it might just be me. And everyone seems to like his music, so I’m pretty sure that’s just me as well.

Parody of the song is very funny, which proves further how far out of the loop I am…if the song already has a parody by Weird Al, it is obviously not as new of a song as I had assumed.

And all I was saying in my OP is that he looked exactly as I though he would just from hearing his voice…and for me, this is a big deal - I generally am very bad in that respect.

I have been surprised to finally see a singer of a song I like and be amazed that they were Caucasian or find out it was a guy singing instead of a woman…I guess I am somewhat impaired when it comes to visualizing the voice with the face.

I think Rick Astley was the most incongruent; deep voice, little boy looks.