Ugliest "classic rock" star ever

I say “classic rock” vs just rock because I’m sure there are many newer ones who are great candidates :slight_smile:

And yet still numerous choices - IMO the top are:

Steve Tyler
Mick Jaggar
Jimi Hendrix
Keith Richards
Rick Ocasek (Cars)
There are others but IMO it’s a 3-horse race between the first 3.

Keith Richards is scary looking, but then so are the others on your list.
What has always been amazing to me is that ALL of these ugly guys have good looking girlfriends. That was true even before they were rich and famous.

I have to go with attitude for that.

Be positive enough, and you can really change the world.

Of course. If you play a musical instrument well - and esp if you become rich and famous because of it - you’ll NEVER have a hard time finding hot women (a great many which are as emotionally screwed up and generally brain-dead as they are attractive).

Jimi? Not even close to Jaggar/Tyler uglytown.

They could have 17 - or 170 - hot girlfriends if they cared to.

It should not be amazing to anyone living on this planet that the number of women attracted to money is vast. It has been ever thus.

Mmmmm… women, money, … drool.

Hendrix wasn’t a model, but he had fairly typical, everyman black features. It would be kind of a stretch to call him “ugly”.

Of course, because he’s dead.

He is dead, isn’t he?

My daughters and I were just talking about how straight-up ugly Mick Jagger is. They are young and looked him up after hearing how amazing he is from Maroon 5 and Kesha songs, and were horrified. They asked me what I thought and were surprised to hear I completely agree with them. To me there is absolutely nothing sexy about him, ever. He’s just barf-inducing.

Of the others you name I’d only agree that Rick Ocasek is truly ugly. The others can look OK in certain conditions.

Jimi Hendrix? :eek:

Mick Jagger was one hell of a lot handsomer in his prime than most guys ever will be. Seriously, if I could borrow the face below for an evening, divorced entirely from fame and celebrity, there’s no way I’d go home alone.

You forgot Neil Young.

I’d swap out Hendrix for Charlie Watts, who, in my opinion, could pass for Thawed Out Caveman Drummer. Even when young, he looked Neanderthal-ish.

Steven Tyler is a gargoyle’s gargoyle. The man’s likeness would be at home on Notre Dame, next to his ancestors.

Jagger had acceptable looks when he was a young man. Now he looks like he belongs in a crypt.

Keith Richards now is a result of how he’s lived his life. He wasn’t all that bad as a younger man, or at least the likes of Linda Keith didn’t think so, at least until she took up with Hendrix, much to his benefit and success, and eventual demise.

Women are held to a higher standard of looks anyhow, so this one is easy for me.

Janis Joplin. Pictured here next to Grace Slick for cruel, cruel contrast.

Does Tom Petty count as “classic rock”?

I came in to nominate Joe Cocker. But considering these other guys, he doesn’t really make the grade.

Depends how old you are. :slight_smile: I’d say no, but I wouldn’t put him on here - yeah I know, but to me he’s more “goofy” looking that flat-out ugly.

And I’m sorry some of you are in serious need of an eye exam. Hendrix and Jaggar aren’t butt-ugly? I’ve seriously considered dressing up as them for Halloween but feared I would make little children cry.

There is a reason that (most of?) the members of KISS wear makeup.

Beauty sure is in the eye of the beholder. To me, that face is completely unattractive. The lower half looks like it belongs to someone else entirely, someone having a painful allergic reaction to something.