Who was hotter In their prime, Robert Plant v. Roger Daltry v. Mick Jagger?






Answer is obviously Plant in a landslide…

Hotter in what sense?


Jim Morrison if the women in my life are any judge.

Not part of the equation, see OP.

Plant, hands down.

Humor, it is a difficult concept.


Plant and Daltry in a tie for me, but both of them were sexier a bit older than their musical “prime”. They were both a bit funny looking as 20 somethings, but quite crushworthy in their 40’s, IMHO.

Jagger? No. Just…no. Jagger’s scary, not sexy.

(And Jim Morrison’s got more sexy in his little finger than all three of the OP’s choices put together.)

Why, thank you!

Straight male: Plant, no question.

Robert Plant, there is no contest, in his prime - Robert Plant. (Jim Morrison was an ornery, obnoxious drunk, which negates teh sexy drastically.) Roger Daltrey a close second, Mick Jagger such a distant third he is barely visible (though being so ugly IMO he is aging the best of the three.)

I always expected a dope smoke filled dark room, not a well lit concert with blow dried hair and sport coats. :slight_smile:

If I can’t have the Snake King, or Hendrix, Daltry is the sexiest.


Daltry is objectively most attractive, but Robert Plant is by far the sexiest.

I can’t comment on the sexy - but some observations:

  • Plant’s nickname amongst the band was Percy for the high-drama way he sang and played the frontman

  • Roger broke Pete Townshend’s nose in a fight during a sound check (I think). Rough and tumble Cockney guy by his rep.

  • Mick’s androgynous sexuality was part of the transition from being branded as anti-Beatles to more the Dark Side of the Counter-culture. Androgyny + Altamont = More Scary. But he was apparently really getting his share at the time - I have read stories where, in the 70’s, he was shagging everything in sight.

Jim Morrison seems like the ultimate con to women: an over-the-top fantasy image that disintegrates the minute reality is introduced. I think its ephemeral nature is what makes him so freakin’ sexy to women - like I have a clue what I am talking about…

“Aesthetics is for artists what ornithology is for birds.” - Barnett Newman (I’ haven’t used this quote since school days but get to use it for the 2nd time in a week at SD!!)

or, as they say: whatever blows your skirt up, eh?

ETA: kinda funny to have “britteklund” (link to photo - she was beautiful in her day, with a bonus photo of Raquel Welch tossed in) commenting on who is sexier in rock? Shouldn’t you be championing Rod Stewart? (I am sure you know they were in a relationship for a while…)

I’m pretty sure my chances of meeting - much less being in a sexual relationship with - **any **of these men is nonexistent. Well, I guess my chances of meeting Morrison are slightly more nonexistent, what with the being dead thing, but really - all our views of “sexy” as it pertains to these guys are based on fantasy, not reality. :wink: