Who was hotter In their prime, Robert Plant v. Roger Daltry v. Mick Jagger?

Exactly - but that means Jim Morrison - say, his Young Lion photos - is more like a Fabio book cover or the Che Guevera T-Shirt photo than anything else. An image representing an ideal archetype, nothing more.

Ugh. None of the guys in the OP have any bit of sexy to them IMO.

Jim Morrison, on the other hand… yummmm.

No. Who’s he? :stuck_out_tongue:

Daltry then, Daltry still.

um, ask Elton John?


It’s kind of a race to see who can be the least appealing. They’re all hideous, and ridiculous looking. Daltry rocks back and forth like a retarded kid when he plays. Plant thinks fringed pants on fat thighs are a brilliant idea. Jagger is just twelve different kinds of gross.

It was the 70s. ugly was sexy, but I wouldn’t fuck any of them, not even if you doused them in bleach first and said I could use Madonna’s vag.

…and for calibration purposes, you would nominate…?

IIRC, the musicians of that era who were really causing the most panty-damp were the bubble gum stars like David Cassidy and Donny Osmond.

And Bobby Sherman and Leif Garrett!

::bleaches brain::

Of all possible people, or only 60s/70s-era rock stars?

Restricting to rockstars would be helpful for comparative purposes, sure…

Jim Morrison, definitely sexy. He was one of few (VERY FEW) who could rock the Jesus look.

Jimi Hendrix had a really nice smile.

I mean, I kind of go for the thinky, broody type of rock star, vs the shrieky, prancy kind. But over all, most men were extremely ugly during that era. From the clothes to the hairstyles, everything was unflattering. I can’t really think of any rock star from that era I consider extremely good looking. Elton John was a odd little gnome-man. Donovan could easily be mistaken for Joan Baez. The Beatles, never more than “cute.”

Agreed. It was even a promo point for the recent singing contest show “The Voice”. I can’t recall the exact quote, but at least one of the ads before the show started said something like, “There were a lot of ugly singers in the '70’s who had beautiful voices.” The Voice, with their blind audition process, aimed to recapture what hasn’t been done since MTV really got going in the 80’s - give the American public a great voice without regard for looks.

I mean, could you really see some of these ugly m’fers winning American Idol? Just wouldn’t happen, and the music world would have been the worse for it.

Daltry. Yep.

The classic rock look is a costume that appealed to my younger self, but sure, hard to carry off. But some rockstars also have classically handsome features that stand out past the frippery. It all depends on what works for you.

I ping-ponged between Chrissie Hynde and Nancy Wilson myself :wink:

FWIW, I’m thinking the one who burned through the most world-class hotties is Jagger.

Why can’t anybody spell “Daltrey” It’s only 7 letters, people!

That said, I vote for Diamond David Lee Roth.

Of the 3 choices in the OP, Roger all the way. Jagger is scary and Plant just doesn’t do it for me.

I’m not sure. Only men were allowed to be ugly. All female rock stars that I can think of, including Janis Joplin, were pretty in the traditional way.

Daltrey had the best bod, but Plant had that sly, tom cat-on-the-prowl attitude that makes him my pick. Morrison? Very cute, but not really my type.

Besides those three, “Diamond Dave” deserves a mention for the “southern girls” and “midwest farmers’ daughters” segments in his
California Girls video. Oh, my, lawrd! Fetch me my smelling salts, Ah’m fixin’ t’ swoon!