Finally! The answer to a question that has puzzled scientists for centuries!

“What would happen if the Earth turned into blueberries?”

I’ve been cooking with blueberries lately; pies, turnovers, even soup. This article doesn’t surprise me in the least.

I have 6 mature blueberry bushes. Probaly 20 years old. Two plants each of different varieties that start early in the Spring and keep putting out berries until Fall. We get gallons and gallons of blueberries.

So my wife decided to have a few of her girlfriends over on a recent Saturday to pick blueberries. Just an afternoon garden party. So I mowed the lawn and everything looked good. “Some people will be camping in the yard Saturday night, because we may have drinks.” Ok. “As it turns out, a few girls will show up the night before, on Friday, to camp.” Ok.

Ended up with 15 semi-drunk, some mostly drunk, women in my yard for 2 days. About 2am I suggested that we do still have neighbors that we get along with. At least they picked all the ripe berries.

But the berries are back! And we picked a bunch again yesterday.